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Hello again from www.guitarbitz.com - the webs favourite online guitar shop ? now with even more products!!!

Now that you have heard the budget and counted your pennies, you?ll be happy to know that Gordon Brown has not raised duty on guitars or any of the accessories (except for beer).

Guitarbitz will be 1 year old on the 30th April 2005. We?d like to express our thanks to all of our customers for making us a success. To celebrate our 1st year of trading, we?ll be holding a weekend of special deals; when they?re gone they?re gone, so don?t hang about.

There will be a whole load of guitars and accessories, some with up to 50% off, so if you?ve had your eye on something, be sure to check out the deals from 30th April to 2nd May (that?s the May Day bank holiday weekend). To see all the offers, visit www.guitarbitz.com.

Well what's in this newsletter?

1 - The fantastic Epiphone Guitars are NOW IN STOCK.

2 - Bored with the same old sound ? Ever thought of revving up your guitar by adding Effects? ? Multi Effect pedals that is.

3 - The renowned Tanglewood Guitars are NOW IN STOCK.

4 - Need to learn more? We have some new Videos, DVD?s, Books and CD?s to help you learn.

1 - The Fantastic Epiphone Guitars are NOW IN STOCK.

Epiphone guitars NOW IN STOCK

We are so excited here in our office, one of the world?s most popular brands of guitars are now in our shop. With so much style, panache and history, who can resist them? With their fantastic finishes, quality materials, beautiful sounds and good looks, it?s a must have for any guitarist. And from just £129 delivered to your door, amazing value for money.

Epiphone G400 SG Standard

In 1957, Gibson's parent company Chicago Musical Instrument (CMI), bought Epiphone for $20,000. They wanted to acquire Epiphone's bass production equipment, but CMI made Epiphone a division of Gibson and revived the Epiphone brand name.

Epiphone Korina Flying VIn 1984 some of the original Epiphone styles were relaunched, guitars including SG?s, Les Paul?s, Explorers and Flying V?s. And many thanks to Jim Rosenberg, for expanding the Epiphone line and offering virtually every style of their guitars to the value-conscious player.

Epiphone guitars are so cool, that even the Beatles had to have them. Look closely at ?Ticket to Ride? and you might see Paul using an Epiphone. Recently though, they?ve been used by loads of massive stars, and there is no stopping the onslaught.

Epiphone Les Paul StudioWhy not have a look and see which takes your fancy. They have taken us to a new age here at guitarbitz, everyone wants to keep taking them out of the boxes and looking at them, stroking them and fiddling with their knobs (the guitars knobs), no one can resist their lure!

Check them out on our Epiphone page.

2 - DigiTech Pedals

DigiTech RP50 Multi Effect Pedal

DigiTech RP50

So, if you?ve been playing for a little while, you?ve worn out the overdrive setting on your amp, and clean just sounds boring, why not get yourself a DigiTech multi effect pedal to give your guitar some new sounds, and expand your musical ideas.

DigiTech have been making pedals for a while now, they?re used by a lot of professional guitarists for the wonderful effects you can add.

On the RP50 pedal some of the effects you can play with are delay, overdrive, reverb, flange, sustain, echo, WAH, the list goes on. The RP50 has all the effects that you need to give your playing new depth and feel. It has 40 pre programmed effects to get you going and with a little practice you will be able to create another 40 great effects of your own, from making your guitar sound like a jet fighter taking off through to a cat meowing.

Also included on this unit is a drum machine, great for jamming to and getting your timing right, and a chromatic tuner. All this for just £69!

We also have a BP50 ? similar to the above, but for a Bass Guitar.

For more serious effect processing, take a look at the X Series individual pedals, the DigiVerb, DigiDelay, Tone Driver, and the new limited edition Eric Clapton ?Crossroads?, with 7 effects as used by Eric on his greatest hits.

Check them out on our Effect Pedals page.

DigiTech Eric Clapton 'Crossroads'

DigiTech Crossroads

3 - The Renowned Tanglewood Guitars are NOW IN STOCK.

Tanglewood TW115AS DreadnaughtWe are delighted to now be stocking Tanglewood guitars at Guitarbitz.

Proving extremely popular, the reputation of these fine guitars, particularly in the acoustic range, goes before them.

Winning award after award for their superb sub £300 models, there is something to suit all tastes and pockets, with the entry level TW28SNQ at just £100 delivered.

For those of you with more expensive tastes, check out their new Sundance Pro range, the electro acoustics here are fitted with top quality Fishman and B-Band pickups.Tanglewood TF8 Folk Guitar and Case

For top value though, the Nashville Range features 2 acoustic guitars at £145 that come with Tanglewood Hard Cases, these Dreadnaught and Folk guitars were recently voted the USA?s number 1 acoustic guitars!

Tanglewood have also diversified into electric and bass guitars, all using the same quality materials and workmanship you?d expect.

Tanglewood Ché Guevara 2Take a look at all the superb Tanglewood guitars and see if anything takes your fancy. We particularly love the Violin Bass, the Ché 2, TSE605 and the Rebel 4, all great value for money.

Check them out on our Tanglewood page.

4 - Tutorial DVD?s and Books

Ever wondered how the professionals play? Never manage to get your fingers in the right place? Always hitting that bum note? Feel like chucking that guitar back in its case, ?cos you don?t know how to play and can?t afford £30 for a guitar lesson?

Absolute Beginners Guitar DVDWell, here could be the answer. Our new range of Books and DVD?s are here to help.

We have spent ages here at guitarbitz, buying books, DVD's and videos, trying to find the best ones to bring to you. We have watched hours and hours of people that looked like they would be more at home in a 1970?s Open University lecture video discussing quantum physics than teaching people how much fun a guitar can be to play. We have done all this hard work so that you get the best right from the start.

Complete Rock and Pop Guitar Player

We have DVD?s or books with accompanying CD?s for electric guitar and bass guitar to play along with. Starting at £8.95 you could buy 3 of these for the equivalent of 1 hour with a tutor. They?ve taught us a few new tricks, that?s for sure!

So don?t struggle along by yourself, get some help and work on your skills, it will be worth every penny!

Check them out on our DVD's and Books page.

Have a look at our weekly special. Every week we will offer you a fantastic deal on one of our products. But remember when they are gone ? they are gone, so get in there quick.

Put this date in your diary and remember to check out our fantastic 1st birthday celebrations on 30th April to 2nd May.

Well, that?s it for now. Thanks for reading and remember to visit the webs favorite guitar shop ? www.guitarbitz.com - when looking for any of your guitar needs.



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