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Hello and Happy New Year from - the webs favorite online guitar shop ? now with more products than ever before.

Welcome to the first newsletter. ? save this as in a hundred years this could be like the first edition of the Beano.

Well what?s in this newsletter?

1 - Your chance to win a funky ?Gig-Bag? for your guitar and also get 10% off of your next order! (competition now closed)
2 - A review of our favorite guitar package, the Aria Electric Guitar Kit.
3 - A new tuner that we are obsessed with from Tanglewood, we're easily pleased here.
4 - The string-swing ? show off your guitar and save space at the same time
5 - Too heavy to handle - a quick look at some of our new straps.

After Christmas, some of you may not have any money left to go out to the New Year sales. Well we may have the answer. No not a sale?the chance to win a ?Gig-Bag?.

If you have recently been to our site you will have seen what they look like as they are on the front page. If not then here is a picture and a description of what you could win by answering a few simple questions which will help us learn more about our site, how we can help you and how we can improve your enjoyment of our site.

The Gig-Bag was a vision by a man of how to safely transport a guitar but not look like a busker. He had already created bags for trumpets, violins and so on (so that you had no idea what was inside) and now used his imagination to create a bigger bag for guitars. These bags are great, offering superb protection combined with a new modern look in fantastic colours (not just plain old black!!!). They are very well padded for the guitar and the wearer ? yes wearer ? they have the twin straps, like a rucksack, have all the pockets you could ever want to carry all your belongings from your mp3 player, straps, pedals and even the guitar itself. The electric guitar bag costs £42.50 from and yes we a giving one away for FREE ? just answer a few simple questions and it could be yours. As a thank you, we are giving you a 10% discount off of your next order just for answering a few simple questions. Click here for your chance to win a gig-bag and get your 10% off voucher.

The questionnaire will take only a couple of minutes to fill in and once you have submitted your answers you will be entered into the Free prize draw. The draw will close on 1 February 2005, so get your answers in quick.

We'll then Email you your unique code for a 10% discount from your next order, whatever you purchase, we hope you take full advantage of it!

For full competition rules please click here. The winner will be selected at random from all entries within five working days of the closing date of the draw. The promoter?s decision is final. No cash alternative will be offered. If you are the winner, we will contact you to let you know and find out what size and colour of gig-bag you require, as long as it's in stock! Only one entry accepted per person. Competition closes 01/02/2005.

Aria Electric Guitar Kit
Aria, in our view, are this years new black. As you know, we check over and tune all of our guitars before we send them out ? and this was one of the easiest guitars to tune (well, we did have the help of the Tanglewood tuner ? more on that later) and set up ready for you to play. You may have already viewed the package at but if not, then we think you should. Don?t let the price of £129 put you off, it may be low, but this is not a budget guitar. This guitar in the famous Stratocaster style comes in a range of colours ? with a great tremolo arm and the usual rosewood fretboard and 3 single coil pickups and in our view the quality of the materials, finish and all round sound makes it feel like a much more expensive guitar.
The kit comes complete with a nice padded gig bag, a good strap, a quality cable to connect to the amplifier ? an AG10 (and we even add some of our own plectrums for free). OK so the AG10 may not sound much, but for a 10 watt amplifier it can really chuck out the sound and it has the usual overdrive switch to help you rock. Please remember your neighbours.

Once you have mastered the basics you can upgrade the amplifier to a bigger one ? we recommend the Aria AG25R ? this really gets the neighbours knocking on the door ? but you won't hear them.


Tanglewood Chromatic Tuner
Well, how can we get so excited over a tuner you may be asking, well let me tell you that the Tanglewood is the best tuner we have ever used (and we have used a lot). Its speed makes this tuner stand out from the rest. Most of the tuners on the market take a while to work out what note is being played and then they usually take a while longer to realise that you have turned the tuning knob, then you are back to square one. This Tanglewood tuner might not look much but don?t judge a book by its cover. Ok so it is a chromatic digital tuner with a built in microphone (for the acoustics) and a jack socket to plug in an electric or bass ? nothing special I hear you say. Take our word for it; it?s the best small tuner and for only £14.95 its one of the best priced on the market. With its simple LED system to tell you what note you are on and a green light to tell you that you have the perfect note, what could be simpler? We have tuned thousands of guitars and this is the easiest tuner we have used by far!

String-Swing Guitar Hanger
What use is your guitar if its in a bag shoved under your bed? If you don?t see it, then you?ll forget to play it. ?So I?ll put it on a stand? I hear you mutter. OK I agree. But do you know how much room a stand takes up? Loads! Now, if you have a music room or a huge house then that?s probably not a problem. But we have a solution to all the other people who don't have huge rooms in big houses. It?s a string-swing wall hanger! They are small, about 4 inches square and can hang pretty much every guitar. All you need to do is spend 10 minutes fixing it to a wall and then hang your guitar. It?s as easy as that. They are really strong too, I have a heavy bass guitar hanging from one at home and it is very happy there. You can bend the arms of the string-swing to fit nearly every guitar neck and there is a rim at the end of each arm to prevent the guitar slipping off. The arms are covered in a type of rubber that will not stick to or discolour the neck of your pride and joy, and the base is solid wood. Buy a string-swing now and show off your guitar to all your visitors! If you really want, you could even create a picture frame and stick that to the wall behind the guitar to really make it a feature. It may not be a Van Gogh but it could be a ?Les Paul?.

A new strap?
Is your guitar heavy and pulling you down? Then it might be time for a new strap. We now stock a range of straps from single coloured ones, to ones with spider webs through to padded Fender straps. They range in price from £5.25 to £15.95 for the more elaborate and comfortable 3-inch wide strap.
Visit and have a look at what we have. You may just be tempted. It?s the easiest way to spruce up the look of any guitar whether old or new, flashy or plain. How about a strap to make a statement about yourself that your guitar may not fully convey? Are you a Slash or an Eric Clapton? Choose a strap that is YOU!!

Have a look at our weekly special. Every week we will offer you a fantastic deal on one of our products. But remember when they are gone ? they are gone, so get in there quick.

Well, that?s it for now. Thanks for reading and remember to visit the webs favorite guitar shop ? - when looking for any of your guitar needs.


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