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Happy Christmas from

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new guitar strings and guitar straps

Hello Again, We've got some great new products in by Snarling Dogs, electric guitar strings in 2 guages, 9's or 10's, at 3.75 per set, or 32.50 for 10 sets. proper leather guitar straps , in a range of great designs, studded, sparkly and suede, all at £24.95. James

Cheap Guitars - Price Reductions again!

For sale Cheap Guitars ! More reductions from our Aria Guitars section, the most popular part of our guitar shop , after guitar packages of course. The Aria MAC35 is now just £209 The Aria MAB09 Bass Guitar is now £169, very nice too The Aria MAC60 , in cool thru blue, down to £299 Aria XL Deluxe now only £175 Aria XL Standard no £139 Aria TEG003 Telecaster only £129 Aria TA50 Semi Acoustic down to £179 Grab a bargain today!

Guitar Kits back in stock

Guitar Packages by Cougar are now back in stock, with red and blue stratocastors available in limited supply. Cheap guitars for sale !

new acoustic guitars in this week

Hi all, We have added some more new guitars for sale to our site, the Tanglewood TD8 now comes with a solid top at £199, and an electro acoustic verision also at £199. The Cort SFX6 now has a choice of 3 woods for the body contruction, Bubinga, Mahogany or Rosewood. Buy a guitar from us today!

Price reductions

We reduced a whole load of prices yesterday, 12 May. Products reduced include electric guitars , acoustic guitars and bass guitars . Also a few bass guitar amplifiers , guitar straps and guitar effect pedals . Have a good weekend everyone!

DigiTech Screamin' Blues

We have this morning listed a new product, DigiTech Screamin' Blues at £49 delivered