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Encore Electric Guitar Packages reviewed by Guitarbitz

Guitarbitz give an independant review of all the guitars they sell in their shop. Here Guitarbitz review the Encore Blaster Electric Guitar Packages.

The Encore Blaster pack is the answer to anyone who wants to get off to a flying start playing a full sized electric guitar. If you want to get started but arent sure what bitz and pieces you need then worry not! The Blaster Kit has got it all boxed up and ready to go!

Most importantly, the electric guitar needs to be plugged into an amplifier to be heard properly and the Blaster Kit comes with a lead and 10Watt BB Blaster practise amp that can be played quietly, or turned up to make a right racket! The kit also includes other less obvious, but equally important items such as a guitar strap, to play standing up, gig bag to carry and protect the guitar and a stand, so it doesnt fall over when you put it down.

A QuickTune digital guitar tuner makes tuning before you play fast and easy and there is even a DVD to help you get everything set-…

Fender Deluxe Lone Star Stratocaster Reviewed by Guitarbitz

Guitarbitz give an independant review of all the guitars they sell in their guitar shop and in this review they look at the Fender Deluxe Series Lone Star Stratocaster.

The Deluxe Lone Star Stratocaster guitar is a scorchin' reissue of one of Fenders most successful models from a few years ago; a classy humbucking guitar with superb feel, great looks and tone as big as Texas itself.

Features include a premium U.S.-made Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Plus bridge pickup and two Texas Special single-coil Stratocaster pickups at the neck and middle positions, a brown shell pickguard, tinted C-shaped Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard, and a vintage style synchronized tremolo bridge.

The headstock is Fenders small size, a tinted satin Maple finish, the front has a single chrome string tree, the Fender logo and serial number. The open truss rod cavity here has a black plastic protective trim.

The back of the head is plain, with a single row of 6 separate Fender Chrome die cast square mac…

Lorenzo L449 are Back In Stock

The Lorenzo L449 Acoustic and the Lorenzo L449 Electro Acoustic Guitars are now back in stock.

After a long awaited period where there were no L449's in the UK, the boat from China arrived with its precious cargo.

The L449 Acoustic version is available at Guitarbitz Guitar Shop for just £99, with free UK Next Day* delivery.

The L449 Electro Acoustic guitar is also available for just £129, with free UK Next Day* delivery.

We also have the L449 in left handed for only £99, and yes you guessed it, with free UK Next Day* delivery.

The L449 Dreadnaught from Lorenzo was the 2004 winner of Guitar Magazine’s ‘Best Acoustic Guitar Under £1000’ Award – proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great sounding instrument.

All the Lorenzo L449's come with a bag, strap and plectrums as standard. Everything you need to get strumming.
Get yours now to avoid dissapointment as stocks are limited!
Available at Guitarbitz Guitar ShopOrder Online, or call 0845 2222 603 to order …

Ibanez Guitar Straps Available at Guitarbitz

Guitarbitz bring you Ibanez Guitar Straps in 2 designs.

The Ibanez logo is famous around the world, and it can be found here embroidered on the first of the 2 strap designs. Available in either a subtle dark grey (almost black) or brighter silver, both on a black strap.

The Shark Tooth design is familiar on Ibanez fingerboards, and here they have copied it onto their straps, available in cool grey/silver, or a vivid blood red!

Both have large leather fobs and sturdy clips and are fully adjustable to 60 inches (152.5cm). They also come with a cord for tying to the headstock of acoustic guitars. Top quality guitars straps from Ibanez

levy's Guitar Straps

Levy's Sonic-Art Series polyester guitar straps are adjustable, 2" wide polyester guitar straps and come in a large range of designs to suit your style. With polyester ends and tri-glide adjustment, the maximum length is 60".

Extremely tough & durable, these straps look fantastic, are comfortable on the shoulder & are suitable for all styles of electric, acoustic and bass guitars. All straps come with a cord (to tie around the headstock) for use on acoustic guitars with only 1 strap button.