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Cheap Guitars - Price Reductions again!

For sale Cheap Guitars ! More reductions from our Aria Guitars section, the most popular part of our guitar shop , after guitar packages of course. The Aria MAC35 is now just £209 The Aria MAB09 Bass Guitar is now £169, very nice too The Aria MAC60 , in cool thru blue, down to £299 Aria XL Deluxe now only £175 Aria XL Standard no £139 Aria TEG003 Telecaster only £129 Aria TA50 Semi Acoustic down to £179 Grab a bargain today!

Guitar Kits back in stock

Guitar Packages by Cougar are now back in stock, with red and blue stratocastors available in limited supply. Cheap guitars for sale !

new acoustic guitars in this week

Hi all, We have added some more new guitars for sale to our site, the Tanglewood TD8 now comes with a solid top at £199, and an electro acoustic verision also at £199. The Cort SFX6 now has a choice of 3 woods for the body contruction, Bubinga, Mahogany or Rosewood. Buy a guitar from us today!

Price reductions

We reduced a whole load of prices yesterday, 12 May. Products reduced include electric guitars , acoustic guitars and bass guitars . Also a few bass guitar amplifiers , guitar straps and guitar effect pedals . Have a good weekend everyone!

DigiTech Screamin' Blues

We have this morning listed a new product, DigiTech Screamin' Blues at £49 delivered

April Newsletter

Hello again from - the webs favourite online guitar shop ? now with even more products!!! Now that you have heard the budget and counted your pennies, you?ll be happy to know that Gordon Brown has not raised duty on guitars or any of the accessories (except for beer). Guitarbitz will be 1 year old on the 30 th April 2005. We?d like to express our thanks to all of our customers for making us a success. To celebrate our 1 st year of trading, we?ll be holding a weekend of special deals; when they?re gone they?re gone, so don?t hang about. There will be a whole load of guitars and accessories, some with up to 50% off, so if you?ve had your eye on something, be sure to check out the deals from 30 th April to 2 nd May (that?s the May Day bank holiday weekend). To see all the offers, visit Well what's in this newsletter? 1 - The fantastic Epiphone Guitars are NOW IN STOCK. 2 - Bored with the same old

Christmas Newsletter

Hello and Happy New Year from - the webs favorite online guitar shop ? now with more products than ever before. Welcome to the first newsletter. ? save this as in a hundred years this could be like the first edition of the Beano. Well what?s in this newsletter? 1 - Your chance to win a funky ?Gig-Bag? for your guitar and also get 10% off of your next order! (competition now closed) 2 - A review of our favorite guitar package, the Aria Electric Guitar Kit. 3 - A new tuner that we are obsessed with from Tanglewood, we're easily pleased here. 4 - The string-swing ? show off your guitar and save space at the same time 5 - Too heavy to handle - a quick look at some of our new straps. Win a Fantastic Gig-Bag After Christmas, some of you may not have any money left to go out to the New Year sales. Well we may have the answer. No not a sale?the chance to win a ?Gig-Bag?. If you have