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D'Addario Leather Keyring Plecturm Holder

Excellent little pick holder to go on your keyring from D'Addario.

Comes with 2 free Guitarbitz plectrums.

In black leather with a popper to keep your plectrums safe.

Tanglewood TSB58 'Signature' Electric Guitar Reviewed by Guitarbitz

Tanglewood have an excellent reputation in the UK's sub £500 acoustic guitar market, they are the leading brand, and they have always made decent electric and bas guitars as well.

The all new Signature by Tanglewood TSB58 is their best electric ever though, a faithful LP style make for that £300 price point, with the most playability at this level.
Make no mistake, if you're after a Les Paul, this is THE BEST one we have seen at £300ish, and that includes Tokai, Epiphone and all the others. The Entwistle pickups are top quality with Alnico magnets, you get a solid Mahogany body with flame Maple veneer on the Cherry Sunburst version, and a neck that plays like a dream.
The headstock is small and compact, gloss black to the front with cream binding, a small 3 ply black truss rod cover and a beautiful green Abalone crown and Signature motif on the front. Very nice.

The back also has a gloss finish, with 2 rows of 3-a-side tuners in the Vintage Kluson style, Chrome die-cast with …

PRS SE 25th Anniversary Custom 24 Reviewed by Guitarbitz

This special PRS 25th Anniversary Custom 24 SE follows in the footsteps of the tried and true Custom 24.

The guitar that Paul Smith took to his first trade show in 1985, the Custom 24 is the model that brought PRS to the party.

Offered in the original three colours from 1985 — Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, and Vintage Yellow — and one of the first SE's to feature old school PRS birds, PRS are proud to offer this commemorative guitar through their Student Edition line.
The headstock of the 25th Anniversary is that familiar one on all PRS guitars, small and compact, the top and sides smoothly tapered, with a large black truss rod cover and SE Custom in silver script on the front. The front also has a quilted Maple veneer, showing the swirly wood grain through the lacquer.
The back of the headstock has 2 rows of 3-a-side machine heads, PRS designed and branded, they work every bit as well as Grovers. The back also has the manufacturers details and the guitars serial number printed on.


Dean Vendetta 1.7 7 String Electric Guitar Reviewed by Guitarbitz

If you're after a budget 7 string electric guitar, then look no further than the Dean Vendetta 1.7. Designed for downtuned rock riffs, players such as Steve Vai, John Petrucci and US band Korn have brought 7 string electric guitar to popularity since their invention in the mid '80s.

The Vendetta is a classic double cutaway body shape, with a tune-o-matic bridge, string through body system and a pair of custom designed humbuckers.

The Vendetta has Deans familiar electric guitar headstock, curving in at the sides and top, with a bite having been taken from the top. The front is gloss black, with Deans signature logo and wings around the bite.

The back is satin natural Maple, with 2 rows of matt black die-cast tuners, 4 on the bass side, 3 on the treble, and the guitars serial number.

The extra wide Maple neck also has a satin finish to the back. To accommodate the extra bass string, nut width is 47mm, and the 12th fret is 60mm wide. The neck itself however feels fairly slim, a shall…

Ernie Ball Guitar Strings Slinky

Buy in bulk and save money - from as little as £4.19 each (for 10 or more) or £5.25 Individually for:
Ernie Ball Super Slinky
Ernie Ball Extra Slinky
Ernie Ball Regular Slinky
Ernie Ball Power Slinky
Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky.

Just £5.75 each for:
Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom
Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky
Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky

Tanglewood Evolution Exotic Electro Acoustic Guitar reviewed by Guitarbitz

As an extension of the popular entry level Evolution Range, Tanglewood have gone all Exotic on us, releasing a new line of attractively finished electro acoustic guitars with Spalted or Flamed Maple bodies and solid Spruce, or even Sitka Spruce, tops.

And the top specs don't end there, they all come with the latest Fishman ISYS pickup, which has a built in digital tuner, Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, fabulous tones and gorgeous looks.

We have 4 available in the range, 2 from the SPL Exotic Spalt Maple range, a round shouldered dreadnought and the smaller folk guitar, but without cutaway body shapes, and 2 from the XFM Exotic Flame Maple range, a cutaway dreadnought and cutaway super folk guitar.

All 4 models have gloss flame or spalt Maple veneer to the front of the headstock, with Tanglewoods logo in gold. Multi ply binding along with Mahogany binding runs around the front of the headstock.

The back of the headstocks are plain satin Maple, with 2 rows of Chrome die-cast machi…

Fender Standard Telecaster Reviewed by Guitarbitz

The timeless Telecaster, more popular today than ever it seems.
This superb Mexican made Fender Standard Series version offers great value and vibe at a seriously tempting price.
The familiar thin headstock adds barely any weight to the neck side of the Tele, the front has a single Chrome string tree for the 2 treble strings, and the Fender logo, and TELECASTER in block letters.
The back of the headstock has 6 in line Fender branded Chrome die-cast sealed tuners, the guitars serial number and country of origin (Mexico).
The Maple neck feels beautiful, the back has a thin 'skunk' stripe of Rosewood, where the truss rod has been inserted.
The neck and fingerboard is a single piece of Maple, finished to high standards, totally smooth and polished up. The Standard Telecaster is also available with a Rosewood fingerboard.
The board has large black position markers, and 21 medium jumbo frets. As supplied from the factory, they're set up perfectly as well, action here between 2-…

Vox AC50CP2 Classic Plus Guitar Amplifier Reviewed by Guitarbitz

Introducing the new Classic Plus range of all-tube amplifiers from VOX.

This EL34-powered line-up marries the classic VOX tone and chime of rock and roll legend with a versatile high-gain channel that goes beyond anything in VOX’s 50 year history and into all-new VOX sonic territory.

With the new AC50CP2 50-Watt combo, the Classic Plus range delivers amps that do it all – from the ‘50s to tomorrow. Sound big? You bet. What do 50 years of classic VOX sonic history sound like?

AC50CP2: 2x12 combo with 4 x 12AX7/ECC83 & 2 x EL34B loaded with VOX original design 12" speakers

Two channels, endless possibilities

The Classic Plus is a channel-switching valve pre- and power-amp guitar amplifier that can produce many flavours of tone, from pristine clean to impressive high-gains, and all points between. The two channels have a variety of wide-ranging controls to help you create the sound textures that you desire.

Channel 1 covers classic VOX AC30 tones, from sparkling clean to raunch…

Mahalo Electro Ukuleles Reviewed by Guitarbitz

Groovy little Ukulele's in familiar shapes and colours, all come fitted with full electro facilities, so you can plug them into your amp and entertain the whole crowd!

All come with a leather Mahalo carry case as well.

We have an LP shape in black or cherry sunburst, with 2 a side tuners and crown inlays, or the TC shape in black or sunburst, with 4 a side tuners and small dot position markers.

Both models have a battery powered pickup, so you can plug into an electric or acoustic amplifier using a 1/4" jack, and perform till your heart's content!

They are finished to an excellent standard, play very well, and plugged in they sound really very good, bright and characterful.

Great fun for fans of Les Pauls and Telecasters!

Tokai Japan LS85 and LS90 Electric Guitars reviewed by Guitarbitz

Tokai's Japanese 'Love Rock' LP style guitars took the world by storm in the 80's, and they're still every bit as good now, and even better value for money.  With top quality components, tuners, pickups and hardware, excellent build quality and finishes to die for, you should seriously consider the LS85 Flame Top or the LS90 Quilt Top if you're looking for a top spec LP but don't want to pay Gibson money.
The headstock is a traditional LP style, slightly curved on the sides, a wavey curly top. The front is gloss black, unbound, with the Tokai logo in Abalone script at the top, and 'Love Rock MODEL' in gold script across the middle, ala Les Paul. Very clever!
The rear of the headstock is pretty plain, a deep browny red Mahogany colour, full gloss finish of course, with the guitars serial number engraved at the top, and 2 rows of 3-a-side machine heads, vintage Kluson style with green tulip buttons, finished in Nickel, and MADE IN JAPAN stamped towar…

Tanglewood Discovery Guitar Package Reviewed by Guitarbitz

A top quality acoustic guitar package from Tanglewood, you get an excellent branded guitar, a groovy guitar bag, 1/2 hour guitar lesson on DVD, a tanglewood strap and some plectrums.

The guitar itself is available in 2 versions.  Both full sized adult guitars, the dreadnought with it's squarer body shape and the folk guitar which is a fair bit smaller and would be better for younger players, ladies and anyone of a smaller stature!

The headstock of both guitars is square, slightly wider at the far end, and finished in a gloss lacquer over the Mahogany, showing the stripy wood grain below.

The Mahogany neck feels very slim and easy going, a shallow D profile (shape), and has large white dot position markers. The fingerboard is Rosewood, and this is fully bound in white plastic up and down both sides, protecting the edges and frets.

The neck joins the Mahogany body at the 14th fret, this style of guitar is not designed for playing high up the neck! The back of the guitar is plain Ma…

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Guitar Strings

Acoustic Guitar Strings from £2.75 a set

Electric Guitar Strings from £2.75 a set

Need New Guitar Strings?

How do you know if you need new guitar strings?

For Acoustic and Electric guitars
Couple of questions to answer:

1) Have you had the same strings on for over 2 months?
2) Are your strings rusty?
3) Are your strings rough?
4) Do your strings sound dull?
5) Had a string break recently?

If you answered yes to any of the above, its probably time to replace your strings.

Because of moisture on your fingers and in the atmosphere, strings corrode and rust over time and their ablility to vibrate diminishes. This not only causes the sound to dull but even worse, the feel of the strings becomes rough and will hurt or even damage your fingers.

Strings can also become brittle from too much vibration, just think of how a paper clip snaps if you twist it too much, the same happens to strings.

If you play a lot, say for 2 hours a day every day, then you should look at changing your guitar strings every month.
If you play less, but still strum most days, the max you should leave them on the guitar would be 2 mon…

Playing Some Basic Chords

Guitar Lesson 1 Basic ChordsSo you have just unwrapped your guitar and have it sitting on your lap but now it seems like becoming a rock star may be a bit further away than you thought! Don’t worry – it’s a fact that it feels difficult for everyone to play even a simple song for the first time – this is because it requires you stretch and twist all sorts of muscles in unnatural directions. These will quickly get used to the extra work and with practice holding the guitar becomes second nature with no conscious effort needed!Ok –first of all you need to get the guitar in tune and the quickest way to do this is using an electronic tuner. Starting from the lowest (fattest) string and working up, tune the strings to E, A, D, G, B and E respectively. One way of remembering this is the acronym Every Alsatian Dog Got Big Ears. It may sound ridiculous but that’s the point – you will remember it!Before attempting to play a song it is necessary to understand some simple chord diagrams and how t…

New In for July 2010 at

Guitars by BrandGuitars by TypeGuitar PackagesGuitar AmplifiersGuitar StringsEffects PedalsGuitar AccessoriesGuitar PartsHelp & Assistance

We are constantly scouring the market to bring you more great products. We have recently got 4 more great guitar brands, some new amps, some amazing plectrums that dont slip through your fingers, a popular brand of strings and more spare parts to name but a few.

Here is a selection of our new products. There are many more at guitarbitz and we are always looking for new and interesting products. If you see something that you think we should sell, let us know.

And remember, with FREE UK shipping and express delivery, you can be sure you will get your bitz super fast!1 - Fender Deluxe VM - £549
2 - Fender Standard Strat - from £379
3 - Fender G-DEC 3 Fifteen - £229
4 - Fender Guitar Strings - £5.255 - Italia Imola Guitar - £399
6 - ZT Lunchbox Amps - from £249
7 - Line 6 iPhon…

New In at Guitarbitz

Just in at Guitarbitz. We have been scouring the market to bring you some great guitar products. Well, we have found quite a few.

New for July:
Ibanez Guitar Straps
Ibanez Guitar and Bass Amplifiers
Ibanez Sandpaper Plectrums
Custom Monster Hand Guitar Hangers
Genuine Fender Parts(Scratchplates, Pots)
Ibanez Effect Pedals
Fender Blender Effect Pedal
Fender Fuzz Wah Effect Pedal
Italia Guitars
Fender Baja Telecaster
Fender Rumble Bass Amps
Original Airline Blue Series Guitar Gig Bags

Keep your eyes open as there will be more to come.

If there is anything you think we should stock then let us know.

Stuck for how to attach a strap to your guitar?

How to Put a Strap on Guitar
1) How to Put a Strap on an Electric GuitarAt each end of the guitar is a Strap Button - Highlighted in RedThe ends of the Strap have a hole and a slit to aid putting on.Slip the hole in the strap over the first Strap Button.Slip the hole in the strap over the second Strap Button.

2) How to Put a Strap on an Acoustic Guitar - With 2 Strap ButtonsAt the end of the acoustic guitar is a Strap ButtonSome Acoustic Guitars have a Strap Button at the base of the back of the neckThe ends of the Strap have a hole and a slit to aid putting on.Slip the hole in the strap over the first Strap Button.Slip the hole in the strap over the second Strap Button.

3) How to Put a Strap on an Acoustic Guitar - With Only One Strap ButtonAt the end of the acoustic guitar is a Strap ButtonSlip the hole in the strap over the first Strap Button.To secure the other end of the strap, you will need some strong cordSlide the cord between the neck and the strings on the tuner side of the &qu…

We check and tune all guitars before dispatch

To ensure your guitar reaches you in perfect condition we carry out a checking procedure to make sure that it passes our standards before shipping. Every guitar is examined according to a 12 point check list and a Guitarbitz quality control sticker attached once passed. In addition to this we want to ensure that no harm can come to your guitar on the journey between us and you and so we have a rigorous packing procedure involving multiple protective layers. We have outlined the 12 point check procedures below to show how we are passionate about your instrument...12 Point Check1.) Finish checked for imperfections or damage 2.)  Truss rod examined for correct positionand a secure fit 3.)  Neck checked for bending or humps4.) Nut tested for secure fitting and correct string height5.)  Fret setting and dressing examined  for playability6.)  Bridge checked for position and hold on strings7.)  Strap hooks tested for secure positioning and dura…