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Top 5 New Products at Guitarbitz Guitar Shop -

At Guitarbitz we're ALWAYS thinking of new things that we think you'll love and we've recently had lots of awesome new gear through the door! Check out our top 5 new products so far this year and have a little read about what they can do! These are in no particular order, we love them all the same! 1) AKG Professional Headphones We LOVE pro headphones. They're fashionable, cool, they make your music sound 10x better and they're excellent value for money. We've recently become a stockist of AKG pro headphones here at Guitarbitz and we have to say, they are incredible. Even the cheapest ones at £33.95 really kick some butt! If you've only ever used your iPhone earphones then you won't believe the clarity and quality that Pro headphones give you, it's quite amazing. If you're into recording, mixing or you're doing any sort of work with music then a good set of 'cans' is an absolute must. So, we recommend a good pair of AKGs! Cli