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How to get a 'Gig Rig' for just £500! (Electric Guitar)

If you’re in need a guitar and amp to gig with but don’t have much more than £500 to spend then we have some awesome suggestions for you! You may think that a good quality set up, that can compete with a full band and drum kit, may cost a lot of money but actually it can be done fairly cheaply and still sound awesome! To ensure the amplifier can accommodate lots of different playing styles and genres, as well as keeping the cost down, we’re going to go for ones with built-in effects. With these you’ll get a huge number of sounds to suit your individual needs and most brands offer something that’s going to be loud enough to get over the volume of those loud, annoying drummers! Amp Choices - Fender Mustang III              ~ £227    - Vox Valvetronix VT80+        ~ £269 - Fender Champion 100          ~ £228 - Blackstar ID:30TVP             ~ £279 All of the amps above are loud enough to compete with your other band members and they all have built in effects so

Customer Review of the Fender Replacement Stratocaster Neck

Review By: Tom M Rating: 5 Excellent Product: Fender Replacement Stratocaster Neck - Maple Board Review: well all all i can say .is top quality neck, spot on. The picture dose not do it justice ,great service, very helpful and very fast delivery, many thanks for a great service many thanks tom Date: 28th February 2015 If you found this information useful, please share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Tweet