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OMG - This amp is the bees knees!

We have just got in the Fender FSR Hot Rod Deville 'Red October' 2*12 Electric Guitar Amplifier at +Guitarbitz Guitar Shop  and WOW, we have been blown away!!!! We havent even managed to get it past 4 on the volume.  It is THAT loud! Nice and clean with lots of top end, and whe n you want it, it's got plenty of grunt. And we mean plenty of grunt.       

make your guitar shine

Want to make your guitar shine? Then get a microfible polishing cloth. Most of the time you don't even have to use any polishes (unless your guitar is really dirty), just a bit of huff and a buff = sparkle. The Fender Microfible polishing cloth is available at +Guitarbitz Guitar Shop  -