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The TW45 super-folk guitar is part of Tanglewood Guitars best of the best, Sundance Pro range of acoustic guitars, built using the finest construction techniques and materials in China. The super folk style features top quality components including a solid Mahogany back, solid Cedar top and a B Band equaliser for brilliant tone and resonance. Tuners are spaciously set in the headstock, which displays a Tanglewood logo on the front and an angled diamond shape volute where it runs into the neck around the back for extra support. The front of the guitar is framed in a multiple celluloid binding that also runs around the head and down the fretboard adding to the comfortable feel of the TW45. Read on for our full review of the Tanglewood TW45

New in Joe Satriani straps!!

Planet Waves and guitarist Joe Satriani are pleased to announce the JS Series signature guitar strap collection. The JS strap collection features 5 premium-quality 50mm wide tubular nylon guitar straps featuring Satriani?s own artwork and artwork, inspired by his famous guitars woven into comfortable, fashionable guitar straps. Each strap is designed to Joe's specifications, and is adjustable in length from 35" to 59.5" long. £17.95

New in........ PLANET WAVES!

We are please to announce a new range of Planet Waves guitar accessories at guitarbitz. These include cables, tuners, capos and other bitz and pieces. We are impressed with the level of quality and fresh approach to design that all Planet Waves products offer. The revolutionary Planet Waves S.O.S. Guitar Tuner pulses two out-of-phase LED light beams directly onto the vibrating string. When the string is out of tune, the two lights will visually dance on the string being tuned. As you are approaching tune status, the movement slows down and eventually stops when you are perfectly in tune. This revolutionary visual tuning system enables precision tuning in silent or noisy environments, without the need for audible sound or sensing of any kind.


Evil cousin of the Flying V, the Explorer fronted a revolution in solid body guitar design during the transition from hollow body electrics, and has been kicking ass ever since 1958! The Epiphone Korina Explorer stays true to the style of the original Gibson model and though there are countless imitations out there, this Explorer retains the authentic jagged edges down to every last angle. The head of the Explorer curves back and downwards to a rounded point resembling an ice hockey stick poised for action. Lined up on the upper ridge of the black headstock are 6 mini kidney shaped Grover tuners - unrivalled for reliability and grip. The pearly Epiphone logo shines at the tip of the headstock to finish off this proud display of Korean craftsmanship. read on for the full review of the Epiphone Explorer electric guitar

Daisy Rock is here!

With a shortened scale (length) and slimline neck, this guitar is also designed exclusively for girls. A star shaped body, scratchplate and even star shaped position markers make up the Daisy Rock 'Star Series'. Includes a nice, padded gigbag!

Guitarbitz on Myspace!

You can now catch us on Myspace for a more interactive approach to blogging, and check out the latest news from local bands!

Aria STG Vintage

The Aria STG-Vintage takes the traditional electric guitar style to the next level, offering better tone and a more refined appearance. Featuring the traditional double cutaway alder body and bolt on maple neck, the STG-V has upgraded pickups for a better sound and a rounded neck joint for increased comfort. This guitar can easily tread into rock territory thanks to its bridge humbucker, while the single coil pickups are full of tonal interest giving the STG-V sound great in any musical situation. With chrome hardware including a top quality adjustable bridge and sealed tuners the STG-V looks great and is built to last. Click here for the full review of the Aria STG Vintage