Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer Electric Guitar Evil cousin of the Flying V, the Explorer fronted a revolution in solid body guitar design during the transition from hollow body electrics, and has been kicking ass ever since 1958! The Epiphone Korina Explorer stays true to the style of the original Gibson model and though there are countless imitations out there, this Explorer retains the authentic jagged edges down to every last angle. The head of the Explorer curves back and downwards to a rounded point resembling an ice hockey stick poised for action. Lined up on the upper ridge of the black headstock are 6 mini kidney shaped Grover tuners - unrivalled for reliability and grip. The pearly Epiphone logo shines at the tip of the headstock to finish off this proud display of Korean craftsmanship. read on for the full review of the Epiphone Explorer electric guitar


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