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Guitar Tuner

If you are taking a guitar on holiday with you or to a festival this summer then don't leave home without a guitar tuner! With prices starting at just £7.95 there's no excuse for a dodgy sounding guitar! We use the Tanglewood chromatic tuner to tune all of our guitars before sending them out because of its ease of use and longeivity. We also have an ideal festival guitar for you to take with you!

Great sound from the Bad monkey!

Crank up your sound The Digitech Bad monkey is the perfect solution to those who need a little extra out of their amp. Whether it is to cut through during an onstage solo or to get a bit more drive into your practise amp. Plug it in and Get growling!


The double cutaway guitarshape has survived the test of time and is now available in hundreds of variations, offering versatile tones and excellent playability. Long live the Superstrat! Here are a select few: Aria XL Deluxe £179 Features: Double locking Tremolo, Two humbuckers, one single coil, Triangle inlays Aria Mac50 £189 Carved alder top, Gold hardware, coil tap switch, Bridge humbucker Cort X6 £249 Double Locking tremolo, coil tap switch, five way pickup selector, Matte blue finish

Semi Acoustic 'f' hole guitars

The unplugged tone offered by semi acoustics, with their 'f' hole side cavities cannot be beaten and plugged in their tone can be amplified to gig levels. We have a good selection of semi acoustics in a range of styles from the traditional to the wacky! The Epiphone Dot has the style of a classic guitar and comes with a hard case included in the price at £359 The Tanglewood TH501 offers superb tone thanks to its arched mahogany top and it looks great too! only £189!

Harke mini stack!!

Stadium rock style at bedroom levels! The Hartke Piggyback has got to be one of the most funky and stylish practise amps ever! The stack design simply kicks ass and with Hartke components you can be sure that it packs a punch! It has a tube preamp section as well as all the mod cons that you would want such as CD stereo input and headphone socket. I would challenge anyone not to find some sort of affection for this little ripper!!

Give your kids an early way in to making music with a children's guitar We have a full selection of small scale guitars of all styles from acoustic to electrtic - designed to be lighter and easier for smaller hands to get to grips with. Imagine what you would be like if you had started playing at 6 years old? Encore E1 reduced to £65! If you already have a child prodigy on your hands then the Taylor Baby would make an excellent first guitar and would surely be a wise investment at £239

Guitarbitz gets networking!

We have now set up a guitarbitz Myspace account to keep in touch with the ever growing social network of musicians in the UK and the rest of the world! For those with Myspace accounts you can send us messages, post comments and even if you don't have an account you can keep up to date on our lastest activities via the Guitarbitz Blog - get involved!

Looking for a Les Paul under £250?

The Sammick Avion has a great looking and traditional arch top design, popular with guitarists of all styles, and still brings in a style all of its own. The arch top adds weight, but the extra rigidity under the bridge improves string sustain and gives it an authentic quality. Grover tuners, covered humbuckers and a tune-o-matic bridge all bear resemblance to the features of a top quality Lea Paul - except the price, only £235 The Epiphone Les Paul Studio is the first in Epiphone?s range of Les Paul guitars to feature a set neck, giving it the classic profile and feel of a Les Paul, and contributing to its great tone. In addition to this, the Studio has open Alnico classic humbuckers, designed by Epiphone for ultimate tone and sustain. With a set of Grover tuners (the leading name in machine heads) and separate volume and tone controls for each pickup it?s clear that this is the best value and most authentic of the entry level Les Paul models. £249 The patented Aria PE Elit

Replacement scratchplates

What is the most obvious way to tell how old a guitar is? Just look at the wear and tear to the scratch plate! If you are selling a guitar or think that yours could be touched up a bit then replacing the scratchplate could make all the difference! We now stock replacement scratchplates for Les Paul, Stratocaster and Acoustic guitars in various colours... you could even customise your guitar by changing to a different colour!

What noise does a Crybaby make?

what noise does a crybaby make? If your solos need a bit more oomph to get wailing then the Dunlop Crybaby Wah effects pedals are the answer! We have selected two of them endorsed by heavy metal gods Zakk Wylde and the late Dimebag Darrell Dimebag Signature Crybaby Effects Pedal £159 Designed in conjunction with Pantera guitarist, the late Dimebag Darrell, the Dimebag Signature Crybaby from Hell is a hot rodded wah pedal combining classic Dunlop technology with practical modern features and mean looks. A rugged metal camouflage casing, top grip and rubber feet to prevent slipping during heavy footwork - this pedal has been designed with the gigging guitarist in mind. For ease of use on stage the pedal can be switched on and off by a hard push down and bright green and red LEDs give clear indication of its mode. Using the torque clutch you can control the amount of resistance the rocker has to being depressed and so the pedal can be adjusted for comfort and control.

Fluffy guitar straps!

Is it time you gave your guitar a makeover? We have guitar straps to suit everyone from just £2.95 These 2? furry straps give a comfortable and secure hold on your guitar with thick soft leather tabs at both ends. Made in Canada by Stephi Straps using faux fur ? no fluffy animals we harmed in the production run. The ultimate accessory for the lunatic/guitarist who wants to get noticed, the fat and fluffy straps come in crazy green army camouflage or stripy white monster print. Not for the feint hearted... £13.75

Goth Straps

Our Goth Guitar Straps are fast running out! More stocks expected next weekish.

Plug yourself in without cables!

Wireless guitar amplifier This nifty little invention plugs directly into the output jack of your guitar and gives you instant amplification at the flick of a switch. It is lightweight and supports itself securely to your guitar leaving you free to move around wherever you are. The domed black housing contains all of the circuitry that it needs in addition to the battery and speaker. Use in combination with the volume and tone controls on your guitar for a range of tones from soft and clean to dirty overdriven rock. It is so compact and easy to use there is really no end to the places that you could play it ? you?ll never leave home without your guitar again! Great fun.

Superior sounds at seventy nine pounds!

The Aria STG003 electric guitar is a traditionally styled guitar that knocks the rest out of the water when it comes to quality and value for money! It has an exceptionally smooth playability for an entry level instrument and the feel of a much more expensive guitar .It has a bright lively tone and huge versatility thanks to its 5 way pickup selector. There isn't really any competition at this price and the Aria STG would see a beginner right the way through to intermediate and advanced playing in no time. For those who want to practise their power chords the STG004 comes with a treble humbucker at no extra cost!

Seymour Duncan Pickups

If your guitar is lacking in the tone department then a pickup upgrade could make all the difference! We now stock an extensive range of Seymour Duncan pickups that come as direct replacements in all shapes and sizes from just £35. What could there be better to do on a rainy summers day then fix your favourite guitar and loose yourself in a world of tone?


We list a new starter Acoustic guitar pack in at just £59! The Lorenzo L442 is a dreadnaught acoustic guitar that would be great for a first time guitarist. We have also included all the things you need to get playing with a bag, strap and tuner.

Left handed guitar

Check out the full range of left handed guitars on offer at guitarbitz! Choose from electric, bass and acoustics from well known brands. The Left handed Epiphone Les Paul custom at £389!

Crazy shapes, Crazy prices!!

B.C. Rich guitar savings! Massive savings on all B.C.Rich guitars! B.C.Rich Platinum Mmockingbird only 265! take a look at our range of wild guitar shapes and see how much you could save..