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supplier visit

guitarbitz has just had a visit from Bob, our suplier of Adam Black guitars and Gibson Accessories -

Elixir Strings now on sale at guitarbitz

Guitarbitz has just had a delivery of new strings by Elixir. take a look at . Elixir Guitar Strings last 3-5 times longer than ordinary strings without compromising tone. This means you buy fewer sets of strings, change them less often, and trust that your guitar is ready to go when you are. The coating prevents contamination and corrosion from collecting in the windings of the strings. Anti-Rust plating on plain steel strings resist tone-deadening corrosion. From £9.95 with FREE delivery to the UK.

Stentor Visit is having a visit from Tom our supplier of Mahalo Ukuleles and Classical Guitar Packages

Impromptu visit had a visit from Jez who is our supplier of PRS Guitars in the UK - have a look at the range

Washburn Taurus T14 Bass Guitar is writing a new description for the Washburn Taurus T14 Bass guitar. Take a look at

guitarbitz newsletter September 2009

Guitars for sale from Guitarbitz The UK's favourite Online Guitar Shop FREE Express Delivery to the UK on ALL Items Guitars by Brand Guitars by Type Guitar Packages Guitar Amplifiers Effects Pedals Guitar Accessories Guitar Parts Drumbitz Help & Assistance Hello again from Guitarbitz , Europe's favourite online guitar shop. Summer is now ending and we are having the last few weeks of sunshine before the rain comes in again. Where was that Indian summer? I'm sure many of you have had time off this summer, whether to go abroad to catch a bit of sun, getting to a festival in your tent, or just to look after the kids, while some of us have just enjoyed the lack of rush hour traffic with the kids being out of school. The end of summer signals the schools reopening and all the children heading back to lessons. It always brings a sadistic smile to my face as I see them walking to school, knowing that their 5 weeks of fun

Ukuleles are selling like hot cakes

guitarbitz is finding that ukuleles are flying off the shelves as the kids return to school. get yours soon before stocks run out! view the range of ukuleles here

new descriptions

Guitarbitz has written new descriptions for the Ashton D25CEQ (electro acoustic guitar) and the Falcon Folk guitar

LAG Guitars

Guitarbitz is now writing a description for the LAG Spring series dreadnaught. See the our range of LAG guitars here

Offer from guitarbitz

Hello again from - the webs favourite online guitar shop - Just a quick offer. Well what's in this newsletter? 1 - Just a Quick Offer 1 - Just a Quick Offer We have a number of branded t-shirts and mugs and we would like to give them away. So instead of giving them away with a guitar (which we think is a bit unfair to all of you that already have guitars), and to say thanks for being a customer we are going to give them away with something every guitarist gets through - strings. After all, YOU are the reason we are still here, so we want to give YOU something back. If you order 5 sets of strings* or more we will send you a free t-shirt** or mug**. Pick and Mix 5 sets of strings from D'Addario, Martin and Ernie Ball ranges*, electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar strings are all included in our offer, including EXP and coated strings, multipacks of strings count as 3 or 5 sets accordingly. Oh and don't forget, you can eve

PRS Mira

Guitarbitz are just writing the description for a new guitar in stock - the PRS Mira - an American made PRS guitar. Take a look http://