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Hello again from Guitarbitz , Europe's favourite online guitar shop. Summer is now ending and we are having the last few weeks of sunshine before the rain comes in again. Where was that Indian summer? I'm sure many of you have had time off this summer, whether to go abroad to catch a bit of sun, getting to a festival in your tent, or just to look after the kids, while some of us have just enjoyed the lack of rush hour traffic with the kids being out of school. The end of summer signals the schools reopening and all the children heading back to lessons. It always brings a sadistic smile to my face as I see them walking to school, knowing that their 5 weeks of fun have ended and they have to start using their brains again while I have been working solid for the last 51 weeks! On a different note, the experts are suggesting that we are starting to really see the green shoots of growth and we are heading out of the recession. So things are looking on the up, hopefully there will be more jobs on the horizon and we can look forward to a fantastic Christmas and I hope that 2010 brings rewards to all of us after such a difficult 2009.

Well what's in this newsletter?

1 - Thank You 2 - Back to School 3 - Free With Strings
1 - Thank You
5% Off

As always, as you are the ones helping us smoothly ride through this recession, I want to remind you of our ongoing offer of 5% off all orders for life at Guitarbitz All you have to do is quote the special code when you place your next (and all future orders) and get 5% off your total order.

Enter MOREBITZ on the basket page to get the 5% discount off your order.

5% Off
2 - Back to School
We all know that the kids have gone back to school, out come the Mums and Dads walking their kids to school, the teenagers slowly moping their way to the gates and tons of cars trying to drop their kids off as close to the school gates as possible on the zig-zag lines! I hope you all managed to get their uniforms sorted with new shoes (how do they manage to grow 2 sizes in 5 weeks?), ties and blazers. Now they have had time to settle back in and find some of their friends are joining the after school music classes, some of you might be getting "Mum/Dad, can I play the recorder?". I can see the shivers running down your spine.
Well, whether they play recorder, violin, guitar, ukulele or trumpet, encourage their enthusiasm and you may be rewarded by the annual concert. So if they come home asking to go to guitar lessons, we have a huge range of children's guitars to suit all ages, styles and pockets. From easy on the fingers classical guitar packages to electric guitar packages which have everything to get a new player started. Most of our starter packages come with a bag to carry the guitar to school, a tuner, tutorial DVD and much more.
And now that the ukulele is taking over from the recorder as the instrument of choice in schools, we have a range of ukuleles to cater for the beginner to intermediate levels. I even took one on holiday to the middle of France camping, lots of people on the campsite were interested and wanted to play it (I'm not that good at French so there was a lot of sign language and gesturing) and even people that had never seen, let alone picked up a ukulele, were able to play it within 5 minutes. They are that easy and so much fun.

If you are looking for a cheap, quality, musical instrument, then we have one to suit your budget. Have a look at our range of children's guitars and ukuleles and be prepared when they come home and ask if they can start lessons.
3 - Free with Strings
Guitar Strings A couple of weeks ago we let you know of an offer we were running. Well we have had lots of you take us up on our offer of a free mug or t-shirt. We had a huge stock of mugs and t-shirts to give away, and we have a few left, so I would just like to remind you of the offer. If you order 5 sets of strings* or more we will send you a free t-shirt** or mug**. Pick and Mix 5 sets of strings from D'Addario, Martin and Ernie Ball ranges*. Oh and don't forget, you can even get 5% off ALL orders forever. That includes these strings. Just enter MOREBITZ on the basket page to get your 5% off. Hurry, we still have some left, but once they have gone, they have gone, so follow this link to order your strings now.

5% Off

Guitar Strings *Gibson strings range, Guitarbitz strings range and D'Addario single strings are excluded from this offer. ** While stocks last

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for reading and remember to visit the webs favourite guitar shop - - when looking for any of your guitar needs Davin

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