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Hello again from - the webs favourite online guitar shop - Just a quick offer. Well what's in this newsletter? 1 - Just a Quick Offer

1 - Just a Quick Offer


We have a number of branded t-shirts and mugs and we would like to give them away. So instead of giving them away with a guitar (which we think is a bit unfair to all of you that already have guitars), and to say thanks for being a customer we are going to give them away with something every guitarist gets through - strings. After all, YOU are the reason we are still here, so we want to give YOU something back.

Guitar Strings

If you order 5 sets of strings* or more we will send you a free t-shirt** or mug**. Pick and Mix 5 sets of strings from D'Addario, Martin and Ernie Ball ranges*, electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar strings are all included in our offer, including EXP and coated strings, multipacks of strings count as 3 or 5 sets accordingly. Oh and don't forget, you can even get 5% off ALL orders forever. That includes these strings. Just enter MOREBITZ on the basket page and get your 5% off.

5% Off all Orders!

Hurry, we have large stocks of t-shirts and mugs, but once they have gone, they have gone, so follow this link to order your strings now. * Gibson strings range, Guitarbitz strings range and single strings are excluded from this offer. ** While stocks last

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for reading and remember to visit the webs favourite guitar shop - - when looking for any of your guitar needs Davin Copyright 2009


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