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Spider Capo Back in Stock

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Drumbitz Sale at Guitarbitz

We are having a sale of all our drum bitz. Vic firth Drum Sticks Sabian Cymbals Pro-mark Drum Sticks Big Dog Drum Parts Check it out on ebay

Time For Some Guitar Maintenance

This is the time of year as the weather changes to make some adjustments to your guitar. Have you noticed some fret buzz, or your action has become higher. It's probably your wooden neck adjusting to the difference in humidity or if you have recently changed your guitar strings for a higher or lower guage there will be more / less pull from the strings on the neck. If so, some simple maintenance is required. Also a good time to check your nuts are tight on your jack socket, all your screws are tight and while you're at it, why not give it a bit of a clean up and condition your neck with some lemon oil . There are a few golden rules to obey when adjusting a truss rod. First, only use the rod to keep your neck as straight as it needs to be…do not use it to adjust your action! Second, only use the proper adjustment tool. If you do not know what this is, check with the manufacturer or visit a good repairman. Finally, do not force anything; an eighth of a turn can make a drastic