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The Vintage V100PGM 'Lemon Drop'

We all know that Vintage make some great guitars for the small price tag but just check out this STUNNING V100PGM Lemon Drop , what an amazing looking guitar! Based on Peter Green's Gibson Les Paul, the V100PGM features a stunning flame Maple top, reverse neck pickup and the two style control knob configuration. It looks amazing but it also does the job in terms of sound, feel and playability. With punchy tones clean or driven it simply ticks all the boxes if you wan that classic Les Paul tone! If you didn't know Peter Green played in Fleetwood Mac! Check out the real Peter Green Les Paul: At just over £300 it is incredible value for money! These really are brilliant instruments for the money. And they look pretty darn similar too! You can buy these awesome guitars at Guitarbitz Guitar Shop online and in store. Click the link to view this guitar on our website:

FREE Hard Case with Squier Guitars at Guitarbitz

Until 29th February we're giving you the change to get a FREE Kinsman hard foam case when you buy a Squier electric or bass guitar at Guitarbitz. The case, worth £54.95, provides amazing protection for your guitar whilst being light and easy to transport. This deal applies even on our cheapest Squier models such as the Bullet Strat . Costing just £105 you're essentially getting the guitar for half price! An excellent deal not to be missed. All you have to do is place your selected new guitar in the basket and apply the discount code 'FREECASE'. Check out our Squier guitars HERE . * Deal not available with Squier guitar packages.

Martin Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings

We've recently listed some new strings by Martin that are supposed sound how acoustic guitar strings were back in the day. The Martin Retro range of strings are made from Monel, a Nickel & Copper alloy, they look quite like electric guitar strings and have a vintage appearance. We thought that we would give them a go to see if they did what they said on the packet. Martin say these strings brings out the unique woody tone from your guitar and that they have complex harmonics . Hear your guitar like you've never heard it before! Sounds great but do they actually do what they say? Well, after a quick re-string on a Martin Dreadnought Junior, it has to be said we are pretty impressed! These strings are full, balanced, powerful with a stunning tone unlike what we're used to by using either Phosphor Bronze or 80/20 Bronze. And sure enough the harmonics are pretty awesome. Pluck the low E string and just listen to how the note develops... Complex harmonics? Yes. It'