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Digitech Overdrive Pedal

The Screamin? Blues Overdrive / Distortion effects pedal is designed for guitarists who need a pedal that responds to playing dynamics. Blues players in particular will love how the Screamin? Blues gives them total control of their tone. Playing lightly gives you a mild overdrive, but dialing up the gain and digging in hard will make the Screamin? Blues sing with ultra-rich harmonics and sustain.Level controls distortion output level. Low adjusts boost and cut of bass frequencies. High adjusts boost and cut of upper harmonics. Gain sets the maximum distortion amount when playing your hardest. Dual Outputs. The Amp output is for connecting directly to a guitar amplifier. The Mixer output features Cabinet Emulation circuitry for connecting directly to a mixing board or recording device.

Warlock Bass

The style and attitude of the B.C.Rich Warlock body shape have been made even bigger to bring you the Korean built Platinum series Warlock Bass. Jagged edges, arching horns and chrome hardware make this a beast to be reckoned with! The classic widow headstock boasts the signature B.C.Rich logo and menacing gloss black finish matches the rest of the angular body. Sealed B.C.Rich tuners give precise hold on all 4 strings, highlighting the headstock in gleaming metal. The 24 fret neck feels slim and smooth at the top with a natural satin finish, and the lower cut away of the body gives easy reach right up to the 24th fret. The rosewood fingerboard is neatly inlayed with dot position markers and action down the neck is nice and low due to precision construction of the nut and bridge.

Aria Mac 35

The Aria MAC 35 electric guitar is a sort of stretched Strat style guitar, with big, pointed horns. Plenty of chamfering makes it comfortable to play, whilst raising the bridge and strings of the guitar right up off the body, so no need for a scratch plate. One of the most popular lines from Aria Guitars, featuring a matt black coating, cream binding and black hardware, very rock. This electric guitar has two single pickups, and a bridge humbucker, which is attached directly onto the body, picking up the maximum amount of resonance from the guitar.

New guitar Lessons up on site!

We have just up loaded some new guitar lessons including Barre Chords , Technique and even triads ! Check them out - you might learn something!

Vintage Distressed Icon series

The Vintage Icon Series takes a new approach to guitar manufacturing. Why wait years for a guitar to build up those classic belt buckle scratches, tarnished hardware and worn-to-the-bone paintwork? Well now you don?t have to as these guitars have been ?aged? for you ? leaving you to concentrate on enjoying them straight out of the box, onstage or at home. These indicators of the character and personality of a well-loved instrument give a touch of authenticity to your performance and help create a genuine stage presence.

Taylor Big Baby

The Baby Taylor?s big sibling, a 15/16-scale Dreadnought acoustic guitar with a solid Sitka spruce top and sapele-laminate back and sides, boasts a surprisingly full voice, comes with a lightweight gig bag for easy portability, and makes a trusty companion wherever you go ? even if it?s just to the couch. A solid Sitka spruce top gives the Big Baby top-shelf tone, while the sapele laminate adds extra resilience against climatic changes. A durable natural varnish finish offers protection, good looks, and a smooth feel to the touch. Also featuring a lovely, laser etched soundhole rosette, this is one of the UK's most popular acoustic guitars.

New Vintage Zip guitars

Vintage Zip electric guitars are energetic and exciting, with all of the no nonsense go-for-it attitude that makes music fun to play, and can be seen in great bands from 50?s rock ?n? roll to today?s Arctic Monkeys! With a bold and feisty style involving loud colours and inviting curves, and a lightweight easy-play design, the Zip guitars are causing a stir. If you are not one for snobbish jargon or technical tweaking then you?re sure to get on well with a Zip ? they want to make as much noise as you do without worrying about which pickup to select. Just plug in and you?re ready to go straight away even if no one else in the band is! The Zip guitars have a semi hollow body making them nice and light so you can jump around without worrying about damaging anything (including yourself!).

Seymor Duncan '59 Model humbucker

This Seymour Duncan pickup is a faithful replica of the great old 1959 'Patent Applied For' humbucker. The tone is smooth and warm. Sustain is plentiful. The same kind of Alnico magnets, plain enameled wire, braided single-conductor hookup cable, nickel plated studs, wooden spacer, black paper tape, and balanced coil windings that were used on the originals are used here on the '59. Even the square pin hole with the distinctive 'Patent Applied For' recessed molding ring on the top of the bobbin is included. The neck and bridge models are individually calibrated for an even volume balance. The bridge packs a little extra punch and the neck is warm with just the right amount of bass.

Vintage VS6

The Vintage VS6 has all the attributes of the original Gibson SG guitar that it bears resemblance to, including a set Mahogany neck, dual covered humbuckers and two sets of volume and tone controls, not to mention the same rock attitude! The similarity ends when it comes to price however as the VS6 bears a price tag that begs belief when you take into account the sheer playability and style of the VS6, there is no wonder that this is one of Vintage?s best selling guitars.

A premium guitar stand!

A collapsible, proffessional guitar stand by König and Meyer for holding all kinds of guitars. The instrument support arms adjust to fit various guitar sizes. The support arms are lined with a soft plastic material to protect the instrument finish. The height can be adjusted by an easy-to-use clamping lever. The solid and collapsible yoke has a safety strap to provide extra protection. Stable foot construction with reinforced base. Top quality. £24.95

Help and assistance

Check out our new help and assistance page - From here you can access guitar lessons, tutor lists, parcel tracking info, technical information and more including our guide to buying electric guitars.......

Walden electro acoustic guitar

The 700 series of Walden acoustic guitars takes tone and resonance to the next level by having a solid wood front and back. They are finely detailed, with multiple white binding around the front and back, and a shimmering green Abalone soundhole ring. The G74CE features a Venetian cutaway body and a Fishman Sonicore ? pickup and equalizer. read on for our extensive review of this Walden electro acoustic guitar