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At Guitarbitz we're ALWAYS thinking of new things that we think you'll love and we've recently had lots of awesome new gear through the door! Check out our top 5 new products so far this year and have a little read about what they can do! These are in no particular order, we love them all the same!

1) AKG Professional Headphones

We LOVE pro headphones. They're fashionable, cool, they make your music sound 10x better and they're excellent value for money. We've recently become a stockist of AKG pro headphones here at Guitarbitz and we have to say, they are incredible. Even the cheapest ones at £33.95 really kick some butt!

If you've only ever used your iPhone earphones then you won't believe the clarity and quality that Pro headphones give you, it's quite amazing. If you're into recording, mixing or you're doing any sort of work with music then a good set of 'cans' is an absolute must. So, we recommend a good pair of AKGs! Click to view our great range of AKG Headphones now!

2) VOX Analogue Valve Amps

Well, it seems Vox have gone and done it yet again! They just can't stop bringing out amazing little practice amps and we love it!

The all new Vox Analogue Valve range of amps are simply awesome. They are a no nonsense, simple tone-orientated amp that give some blisteringly good sounds. From classic Vox cleans, to crunch, to full on metal madness! They really are great fun.

They have a valve preamp and power amp section so you get a very authentic valve tone at home at low volumes. Unlike the Valvetronix range these only have a few effects. Delay, mod and reverb... And that's all you need, right? The simple approach really makes for a good, clean tone. With the ability to change the bias settings of the valves in the amp your ideal tone is at your fingertips! Very cool and great value for money starting at just £199.

Get yours here: Vox Analogue Valve Amps

3) Vintage V72 Semi Hollow Guitars

We all know Vintage make some top notch, excellent value guitars. If you didn't know this then you should! Go and check them out now! See our whole range of vintage guitars here: Vintage Guitars at Guitarbitz.

Anyway, these two beauties pictured below (beware, pure guitar porn) are two of the finest looking guitars we've seen, I mean, just look at them!

They are the Vintage V72FTB and the Vintage V72HFTB, and they rock. Starting at just £259 you really can't go wrong! They sound excellent, a nice big resonant tone thanks to the semi hollow body and F-Hole. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country... Whatever you want to play they sound great. I would seriously recommend having a go on one of these babies!

Read more about them here: Vintage V72 Guitars

4) Ibanez SR305E 5-String Bass Guitar

We took a little visit to the UK distributor of Ibanez Guitars in the UK earlier this year and we got to try out their whole range. When selecting new models to stock in our shop we came across the Ibanez SR305E 5 String. This guitar just stood out, great looks, great sound, amazing price.

We asked how it could only be £258, and they replied with... 'It could be much more expensive, but Ibanez would rather have the BEST 5 String bass in Europe at this price point than anyone else'.

And this is true, it really is the finest 5 stringer about at this price. With active electronics and lots of EQ controls to shape your tone you're getting a HUGE amount of guitar for your money! The metallic finish is also pretty damn sweet! Stunning!

I urge you to read more about it on our website! Read more now!


5) Orange Dual Terror 30w Valve Amp Head

Orange are probably our favourite amp brand here at Guitarbitz, they just rock so hard! The Orange Dual Terror is one at the top of our amp list. This thing is a complete ROCK machine that sounds incredible. Having used this amp at loud rock gigs I can vouch for it personally that it is one of the best amps I've tried! If you're looking for a straight up, loud rock amp then this is an amazing contender for you and I urge you to try it out!

With two channels you've got rhythm and lead settings and thanks to the switchable 30w/15w/7w power settings you can use it at any size gig big or small. In the lunchbox amp style it's super compact and easy to transport. What an amp, get one now, go on, you know you want to!

Read more about the Dual Terror now!


Visit for more new products!


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