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We are constantly scouring the market to bring you more great products. We have recently got 4 more great guitar brands, some new amps, some amazing plectrums that dont slip through your fingers, a popular brand of strings and more spare parts to name but a few.

Here is a selection of our new products. There are many more at guitarbitz and we are always looking for new and interesting products. If you see something that you think we should sell, let us know.

And remember, with FREE UK shipping and express delivery, you can be sure you will get your bitz super fast!


 Products at Guitarbitz Fender Logo Lunchbox Amplifiers Line 6 iPhone Midi Mobilizer Max Grip Plectrums Italia Guitars Guitar Strings Fender Amplifiers Fender Amplifiers Fender Guitars Fender Amplifiers

1 - Fender Deluxe VM - £549
2 - Fender Standard Strat - from £379
3 - Fender G-DEC 3 Fifteen - £229
4 - Fender Guitar Strings - £5.25
5 - Italia Imola Guitar - £399
6 - ZT Lunchbox Amps - from £249
7 - Line 6 iPhone MIDI Mobilizer - £49.95
8 - Max Grip Plectrums - £0.65 each

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