Mahalo Electro Ukuleles Reviewed by Guitarbitz

Mahalo Electo Acoustic Ukulele
Groovy little Ukulele's in familiar shapes and colours, all come fitted with full electro facilities, so you can plug them into your amp and entertain the whole crowd!

All come with a leather Mahalo carry case as well.

We have an LP shape in black or cherry sunburst, with 2 a side tuners and crown inlays, or the TC shape in black or sunburst, with 4 a side tuners and small dot position markers.

Both models have a battery powered pickup, so you can plug into an electric or acoustic amplifier using a 1/4" jack, and perform till your heart's content!

They are finished to an excellent standard, play very well, and plugged in they sound really very good, bright and characterful.

Great fun for fans of Les Pauls and Telecasters!


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