Ibanez Guitar Straps Available at Guitarbitz

Guitarbitz bring you Ibanez Guitar Straps in 2 designs.

Ibanez Guitar Strap Designs
The Ibanez logo is famous around the world, and it can be found here embroidered on the first of the 2 strap designs. Available in either a subtle dark grey (almost black) or brighter silver, both on a black strap.

The Shark Tooth design is familiar on Ibanez fingerboards, and here they have copied it onto their straps, available in cool grey/silver, or a vivid blood red!

Both have large leather fobs and sturdy clips and are fully adjustable to 60 inches (152.5cm). They also come with a cord for tying to the headstock of acoustic guitars. Top quality guitars straps from Ibanez
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