Quality Bass guitars under £200

We have a wide selection of bass guitars to choose from and if your budget is less than £200 then you should be able to find a quality instrument.

Aria IGB35 Active Bass Guitar £159

The Aria IGB 35 Bass Guitar is a powerful bass combining tough roadworthy construction with active circuitry and easy playability over two octaves of its super fast neck. The ergonomic modern design of the carved Alder top feels comfortable to play and the sweeping top arch balances the body perfectly allowing you to move around freely as you play.

Aria SB101 Active Bass Guitar Just £199

This is a serious bass guitar from Aria with fantastic, powerful, clear tone as you'd expect from the Infinity active pickups. The guitars deep neck cutaway allows easy access to all 24 frets. Through body stringing makes the whole guitars body vibrate whilst playing and greatly improves pickup performance. Finished in a gorgeous Midnight Blue with quality black controls, these are bass guitars to be seen with.

Cort Action Series Bass Guitar From £189

The Action Series of Cort Bass Guitars offer the same serious quality as in their higher end instruments, at an affordable price. The 2 Power Sound pickups, 1 P style and 1 J style, provide the noises on these beautifully finished bass guitar. Also available in a 5 string version.


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