Vintage VS6

The Vintage VS6 has all the attributes of the original Gibson SG guitar that it bears resemblance to, including a set Mahogany neck, dual covered humbuckers and two sets of volume and tone controls, not to mention the same rock attitude! The similarity ends when it comes to price however as the VS6 bears a price tag that begs belief when you take into account the sheer playability and style of the VS6, there is no wonder that this is one of Vintage?s best selling guitars.


Anonymous said…
Hey, i've bought one of these. Pretty Good, especially with a distortion effects pedal. I've been thinking about changing the scratchplate to an SG atandard scratchplate but noticed i'd need to drill some holes as the scratchplate is bigger, would this completely muck up the wiring and possible 'kill' the guitar, rendering it useless?? if anyone knows that would be great thanks... email me
Anonymous said…
Just ordered one of these with the gold hardware, Will post back once it arrives. Good stuff great prices and great site!


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