PRS SE Custom Tremolo

The Paul Reed Smith ?Special Edition? Custom Tremolo is a finely constructed guitar featuring a Mahogany body, set Mahogany neck and flame Maple top. Dual zebra style humbucking pickups provide a precise and powerful sound, with a rich depth of tone characteristic of the Mahogany body. The PRS designed tuners offer performance you can rely on, and the PRS tremolo bridge puts more expression at your fingertips. This guitar looks amazing, and sounds just as good, with unbeatable playability the PRS Custom is sure to expand your musical horizons. The PRS SE Custom Tremolo is available in either grey black or a cherry sunburst, both with the stunningly intricate, stripy flame Maple veneer. A Maple binding runs around the front of the body, separating the coloured front finish with the gloss black of the back and sides. The neck has a ?wide fat? profile giving it a very sturdy feel, and it is also finished in a gloss black lacquer. The 25? scale gives you more room for exploring elaborate fingering techniques, which in conjunction with the superior Rosewood fingerboard make this guitar such a pleasure to play. The strings slip and slide against the frets with no friction at all thanks to immaculate polishing, and this smooth action translates into crystal clear tone and incredible sustain. Set into the finely grained Rosewood are a beautiful set of blue Abalone ?moons?, each containing a crescent that shimmers in the light, with customary double inlay at fret 12. The neck heel thickens out before joining the body at the second to last fret, and this bulk behind the upper frets lets you reap the full tonal potential of the Mahogany body. A deep scallop is carved into the smaller lower cutaway, which acts to cradle the fretting hand of those who spend all their time soloing!


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