The Signature Les Paul guitars are the best kept secret of the guitar world! Without a big brand name on the headstock you can be sure that their value is all down to quality construction and components. Made in Japan by a world class manufacturer, famous for Tokai and Epiphone Elite guitars, the Signature Les Paul guitars are of a quality you?d expect from a Gibson, but at a much more affordable price. These Signature guitars have carefully hand selected Mahogany bodies with carved tops of solid bookmatched Maple to a maximum thickness. This represents a step up from other guitars featuring a curved body and wafer thin Maple veneer. The thick solid Maple Cap makes for a more defined tone, and in the translucent coloured models it looks fantastic. The 24.75? scale neck is made from a single piece of solid Mahogany with a luxuriously smooth heel that thickens out to join the body at the 16th fret. The single cutaway body has the bulk and feel of a traditional Les Paul guitar, and this solid wood construction gives a characteristic rich and full-bodied tone. Read on for our full selection of Signature Les Paul electric guitars
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