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Well it's the new year and the most depressing day of the year has now passed. The Government has anounced that the UK is officially out of recession, the daffodils are starting to push their way up through my recently tarmaced driveway and the weather forecasters are already predicting an Indian summer. So everything is pointing towards a fantastic 2010.

So Guitarbitz would like to wish you all the best for 2010 and hope you have a fabulous and prosperous year.

5 Percent Off

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5 Percent Off

Our deliveries just got better!  Our couriers now give an estimated delivery time, so you don't have to wait in all day.

If you order a product that is sent by our couriers (normally items such as guitars, amplifiers and other bulky products) then we will send you an email with a tracking number and a link when your
order is dispatched.  Click on the link, enter your tracking number and you will be given an estimated delivery time.

Our couriers will tell you the time they will be there.  Make sure you are home and they will be there with your package.  No more "Sorry we missed you" cards.  With this fantastic advance in courier deliveries you wont have to stay in all day, as you WILL know when they are going to arrive.

For more details on how we deliver your packages, please see our deliveries page

Needing something to help take you to the next level? 
Want to make a different sound?
Want to experiment?

Then take a look at a Multi Effects Pedal.

Multi Effect Pedals have lots of preset effects so you can start experimenting as soon as you get it out of the box. Most have drum beats built in to help you with your timing, a tuner to keep you in tune, some even have backing tracks built in and it's great to experiment with these as it really expands your musical tallents and can even get you interested in a new genre.
There are effect pedals for Electric guitars, Acoustic Guitars and Bass Guitars and each have their own qualities. So select a pedal to match your guitar and budget then experiment.

The Zoom G1Xn Guitar Effect Pedal.
A great Pedal at a Fantastic Price, with Easy Operation, 40 Preset Patches and 21 Amp and Stomp box Models.
It even has a built in drum machine

The Line 6 POD 2.0.
The new version of the POD is the complete guitar tone solution.
With 32 Amp models, studio quality effects, downloadable upgrades from the internet it allows you to quickly choose amps and effects
with 40 drum patterns.
Available with or without the expression pedal.
without the long set up times and expensive equipment.
POD 2.0 is the must-have recording tool for any guitarist.

The Line 6 JML Looper combines great jam tracks with a full arsenal of tones and effects which really lets you experiment with all kinds of music you may never have thought of playing.
It has 24 mins or recording time,
The Zoom G7.1ut Guitar Effects Console with 92 effect types, 9 effect modules 160 presets is a great pedal for gigging musicians.  With a real tube to the signal path for authentic sounds, boost volume and drive.  Dual programable A/B chanels means it's like haveing 2 pedal

that can be uploaded to your pc and you can extend that up to 6 1/2 hours. Also plug in you mic, keyboard or mp3 player and record those too

pedal boards. 
The G7.1ut gives you outstanding performance, the worlds fastest patch changes with smooth and detailed processing.

Visit the webs favourite guitar shop - - when looking for any of your guitar needs

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