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It has been some time since our last email. Christmas has come and gone. The cold weather has made way for gorgeous spring sunshine and April showers. The flowers are blooming and the trees are springing into life. And here at Guitarbitz, we have been busy working behind the scenes on some exciting projects.

But what a lush start to Spring. Lets hope the coming bank holidays are gorgeous and we can all get out.

So, What's in This Newsletter:
1) New In - Fender American Guitars
2) Free T-Shirt Offer
3) Need a Replacement Part?

1) New In - Fender American Guitars

We have waited a long time for this moment. Guitarbitz Guitar Shop is now an Authorised Premium Fender Dealer. This means we sell all of Fender's range of guitars and amps.

Whether you are looking for a Squier guitar, a Mexican Fender guitar, an American Fender guitar, a Fender amp or even just some Fender spare parts to bring your old guitar back to life, we have them all here at Guitarbitz.
If there is a guitar model you want that we dont currently have in stock, just call us and we can source it for you.
Fender Authorised Dealer
Have a look at our current range of Fender guitars, Fender amps, Fender acessories and Fender spares. We are constantly growing our range of Fender and Squier so come back and check them out regularly.

Remember, we check and tune all guitars before dispatch to make sure they get to you in perfect playing condition, and we send guitars and amps to the UK on a next working day service* - FREE!

You are welcome to visit our shop in Frome on the Somerset / Wiltshire border. We are open Monday - Saturday. To find us, take a look at google maps.
There is even a pub (The Frome Flyer) just 2 mins walk away if you fancy a meal or a drink.

2) Free T-Shirt Offer
We have a lot of t-shirts to give away.
So instead of giving them away to new customers when buying a guitar (which we think is a bit unfair to all of you that already have guitars), and to say thanks for being a customer, we are going to give them away with something every guitarist gets through - strings.
But how do you know if you need guitar strings? Guitar strings have a life span, and many people don't know how often to change their strings. Depending on what type of guitar you have, how often you play, how hard you play and what strings you already have on your guitar, will affect when you need to change your strings. So we have created this handy guide to give you an idea of when you need to change guitar strings.
To get your Free T-Shirt, simply order 5 sets of strings* or more we will send you a free t-shirt**. Pick and Mix 5 sets of strings from D´Addario, Martin, Fender, Elixir and Ernie Ball ranges*.

Hurry, we have large stocks of t-shirts, but once they have gone, they have gone, so follow this link to order your strings now.

*Guitarbitz strings range and D’Addario single strings are excluded from this offer.
** While stocks last. T-shirt designs and sizes may vary.
Free t-shirt offer

3) Need a Replacement Part?
Just like all things in life, something has to break at some point. Whether it´s a string, a tuning peg, a bridge pin or even a crackly volume knob, most breaks can be mended.
Well you might be surprised but there aren’t many things to go wrong on a guitar, and if it does, then most of the time all you need is a screwdriver and a soldering iron - IF any tools at all.
So if you´ve lost your tremolo arm, a volume or tone pot or even that little plate that covers the truss rod on the headstock, then don´t fret, Guitarbitz to the rescue!

We have a large stock of spare parts, from spare tremolo arms to replacement bridges, all the parts you can think of to replace any lost or broken bits on nearly every guitar. We also have Genuine Fender and Gibson replacement parts.

If you have lost something, or broken a bit off, then have a look at our spare parts and see if we have a replacement. If we don´t have the right one for your guitar, give us a call and we´ll try to get it for you.

5 Percent Off
Enter MOREBITZ on the basket page
and get 5% off your order.
5 Percent Off

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