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New In:Boss Effects Pedals

At long last, Boss Pedals have arrived at Guitarbitz. We have been having so much fun making the most wackiest noises, loops, and generally falling about laughing by creating a huge pedal board of all our new Boss pedals and experimenting to find out what they all do.

We are now starting to get to grips with all the differences of each pedal, but with so many pedals and so many possible sound options, the fun seems endless.

So if you are looking for a new sound, check out our range of Boss Effect Pedals. 

We also have Boss Multi Effects Pedals for those that want a more compact system of effects.

And if you are looking to do some home recording, you really need to take a look at the Boss range

Find out More about our range of Boss pedals

Fender Cashback Up to £90 off Fender

Fender are giving up to £90 off selected Fender and Squier guitars and amps in their Instant Cashback Deal. So, if you are looking for a Fender, now is the time to buy. 

Check out our offers page to see how much you can save, but hurry, this is a limited time offer.

You dont have to fill in any forms to claim your money back. We give you the money off at the checkout, so all you pay is the reduced price!

Old Guitar Strings?   When to change strings 

Did you know that strings wear out?  Over time (even without playing), strings start to corrode and rust, making the string vibrate unevenly causing the string to sound dull, flat and dead.  Even worse is the oil, dirt, dust, sweat, etc from your fingers, that builds up in the windings of the strings. This makes the strings an uneven thickness and again causes the strings to sound lifeless and dull. 

If you want to keep your guitar sounding at its best, then you need to change your strings regularly.  Take a look at our guide for when to change guitar strings, but remember, it's only a guide and you may find you need to change them more or less frequently.

So take a look at the guide for when to change your strings, and if you haven't changed your strings in a while, go on and treat yourself to a nice, clean set of shiny strings and give your guitar that bright, clean sound that only new strings can give.

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