Customer Review of the Ashton SL29 Folk Acoustic Guitar

Review By:
John Hodgetts

5 - Excellent

Ashton SL29 Folk Acoustic Guitar

I bought this electro acoustic guitar from Guitarbitz 3 months ago and must say that I am very impressed with the look, feel, and quality of this instrument.The slightly slimmer body is comfortable to hold but does not detract from the depth of tone which, with the supplied strings is fairly mellow when used with a Tortex 1.00 pick (blue) personal favourite.When plugged into my VOX VT15 amp I can get a wide variety of tones and effects so this adds to the versatility even more. The action is fine and I love the chunky heel which gives a feeling of strength. Overall, at £149 this is an excellent value instrument which is a delight to play. Well done Ashton and well done Guitarbitz,you can rest assured that I will remain a loyal customer for evermore.



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