Customer Review of the Korg Pandora Personal Multi Effects Processor

Review By:
Dr Ric

5 Excellent

Korg Pandora Personal Multi Effects Processor

First bought. Korg Pandoras Box almost two-decades ago and still prefer multi-effects to the cost and storage problems caused by any of the amps simulated by a good pedal. Own bigger and more expensive units from the big players in digital effects, but since buying this little marvel, they are gathering dust... Meanwhile I bought a black one as well from Guitarbitz, knowing that I can noodle in peace and record direct to Mac with some effects that I think are outstanding. Tone is such an objective thing you may have to stick with repeatedly changing pickups and amps, meanwhile I will be happily playing even starter guitars into the Korg, knowing that a very acceptable tone (to me) is to be had for less than £80.

19th October 2012

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