NAMM 2016: DigiTech Trio+ Plus Band Generator & Looper Pedal -

A while back DigiTech released the 'Trio', a guitar pedal that creates a backing track based on the chords you play into it, and we thought it was pretty darn awesome!

Now though, (drum roll please), DigiTech have released a brand new version that's geared up for extra functionality and it even features a looper (something we wished the other one had!).

Before you would play your chord sequence into the Trio and it would generate a drum and bass backing track. Now you can create your backing track AND loop your chord sequence as well so it becomes a fully comprehensive, extremely convincing backing track that's created in seconds! It really is AWESOME!

Whether you're simply playing at home and want to jam along to your own backing music or if you're a pro, playing a show to your fans this magical device really will transform the way you play! Personally, we love it for practicing, when you're trying to write that killer guitar solo you need the backing music behind it. With the TRIO Plus just play the backing chords, loop it round with some drums and bass and you've got effectively a blank canvas in which to colour with your sparkly solo playing! Cool, right?

Certainly one of our favourite new things from NAMM 2016!

Check out the TRIO on our website:


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