Top 10 Guitars under £300 at Guitarbitz Guitar Shop

Top 10 Guitars Under £300

When you first sit down to play the Sigma GME, there are a few things you notice: 1. “Wow! I didn’t know I could play this well.” 2. "Oooo, is that a solid top?! Nice! I bet it’s expensive." 3. "How much! No way. Only £195!"

This Sigma may not be flashy, but when it comes to a great playing guitar at a great price, flashy is not what you need. Somehow, this solid top electro is able to boast a sub £200 price tag while playing and sounding like something over twice the price.

The top is made from solid Sitka Spruce that gives a juicy full range of tone, aided by the mahogany its back and sides. This sound can then replicated seamlessly through the built in Sigma pre-amp, so you can be guaranteed a perfect sound for any gigging or recording.

Now. The king of the sub-£300 electric guitars... The Yamaha Pacifica.
Having been in production for over two decades, Yamaha have had plenty of time to tinker and tweak this guitar to get it just right. 

With its HSS pickup configuration the Pacifica is able to boast a full range of sounds from the bright and cheerful to thick and grungy. For a guitar of this price, it is excellently stable, so you can set your action as low as you like without any resistance. As well as having great playability, one of my favourite aspects of the guitar is its look. The natural satin finish is smooth to the touch and looks amazing.

This guitar is perfect for players of all abilities, wether you’re looking for your first electric guitar, or a back up gigging guitar. This will suit you fine.

The APX 500 is one of the top selling electro acoustic guitars, and for good reason. There are few faults to pick out with this guitar excluding perhaps, the plastic around the sound hole. This guitar boasts a solid Spruce top and a pretty great preamp system that has full EQ adjustability. 

Being quite a thin folk guitar, the sound that is produced from this guitar is quite amazing. It is able to project a full range of tones as well as being gorgeously resonant.This is an easy guitar to play and is just as comfortable in the hands of a beginner as it is on stage.

4. Squier classic vibe 50’s Tele

Modelled on THE original Telecaster, this guitar really gives you that old-school vintage feel but without the price of buying a vintage guitar.  It feels, plays and sounds exactly as a Tele should. Aside from the fact that this is a new guitar, there is little about the sound that isn’t vintage.

The AINiCo5 magnet single coil pickups are really capable of driving your amp as well as producing those classic jangly tones, so you can reproduce all those classic Tele tones for a fraction of the price.

Ibanez have always been great at creating guitars that are easy to play and this one is no exception. No matter what you’re playing, this guitar poses zero resistance allowing you to bend, lick and solo to your heart's content. A full range of sounds is possible thanks to the HSS pickup arrangement but this guitar really comes into its own when you turn up the gain.

This guitar is best described as ‘cool’. With its curved Strat style body, its classic Ibanez headstock but most of all that gorgeous flamed Transparent Grey Burst finish. Exquisite.

Who knew such a wide range of tones was possible from a single pickup? This Les Paul Jr. copy boasts fantastic playability with a gorgeous design that is capable of tackling many different styles.

At only £195 this is one of the best-priced guitars on the list, making it perfect for beginners or experienced players. Thanks to the single P90 style pickup it's super easy to use, just plug in, turn up and you've got a great sounding instrument!

This Ibanez AEW21VK electro acoustic is just as much a work of art as it is a great guitar. A lot of care has been taken to make this guitar look awesome. Just take a look at the unique cut away design or the beautiful rosette design. However, this guitar is not just a pretty face, expressing a great tone with very little effort needed from the player.

As well as being a great guitar, it also comes with a high quality Fishman/Ibanez pickup preamp system perfect for any gigging or recording.

This electro acoustic guitar packs a lot in for a small price. With a full tone, easy playability and a stunning pickup sound, value for money is right here. 

Whether you're a beginner needing your first instrument or an intermediate this model is perfect for around the home, at lessons and even at gigs. With an easy to use, no nonsense pickup you'll have no problems on the stage with this one.

The Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar, here in a fresh Olympic White, is a stunning electric guitar that just ticks all the boxes! With two-tone circuits, duncan designed pickups and fantastic playability it's a music making machine that sounds great clean, crunchy or overdriven!

As well as looking great this guitar is able to produce such a huge range of tone, so you really get a lot of bang for your buck.

This is one of our best selling acoustics here at Guitarbitz, and for good reason. Easy on the fingers, easy on the eyes, and easy on the pocket. Not only is this one of the best guitars you can get for under £300, it has won guitar magazine’s award for ‘best acoustic guitar under £1000.’

Not many guitars at this price are able to boast a solid mahogany top with such high quality finish. You can really tell that care has been taken to produce an instrument that you want to play.
Being a folk size, this guitar is perfect for any young players out there looking to get started on the acoustic guitar, not to mention its easy playability and great tone. 

 *For more info and specs of all the guitars, follow the link provided on each guitar.


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