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Below are the brands that we sell, giving you a little more information about the company, a link to their range of their products that we sell and a link to the brands website where you can find further information on their products. If you would like a product from one of our brands that we do not list, then contact us and we can enquire with our suppliers.
Adam Black Guitars The Adam Black Guitar Company creates a range of guitars to meet the high standards set by today's guitarists with the aim to provide excellent guitars at a price all players can afford. View Guitarbitz range of Adam Black Guitars Adam Black Guitars
Aria Guitars Aria have been designing and making fretted instruments since 1956 with the aim of making great instruments that inspire musicians of all abilities. View Guitarbitz range of Aria Guitars Aria Guitars
Ashton Guitars Ashton Guitars are designed in Australia and they have a range of acoustic and electric guitars to rock your world. So whether you are after an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, you will find Ashton guitars have great specs for a great price. View Guitarbitz range of Ashton Guitars Ashton Guitars
Black Tusq Guitar Parts Black Tusq top nuts and saddles are designed to boost your guitar's tone and performance. Made with a special formulation impregnated with Teflon allows the strings to slide over the surface easily meaning your strings glide back into position quickly. View Guitarbitz range of Black Tusq Spare Parts Black Tusq Spare Parts
D'Addario D'Addario have been making strings since 1936 and now have a name associated with quality and durability. Making strings for numerous instruments including guitar, bass and ukulele.
With a family of brands including Planet Waves and Evans
View Guitarbitz D'Addario Guitar Strings D'Addario Strings
Dean Guitars Dean Guitars are a well known American brand that has been around for around 30 years. Historically producing a range of classic Metal and Rock style electric and bass guitars and now with some great acoustic guitars with a twist on the traditional look.
Endorsed by players such as Dave Mustaine and Dave Murray.
View Guitarbitz range of Dean Guitars Dean Guitars
Digitech DigiTech are renowned for creating effect pedals for vocals, guitar and bass that provide durability, quality and performance.
DigiTech create a large range of single effect pedals, multi effect pedals and vocal processors that are easy to use.
View Guitarbitz DigiTech Effect Pedals DigiTech Effects
Elixir Considered the pioneer in coated string technology, Elixir Strings are available in a full range of gauges for acoustic and electric guitar and bass guitar. View Guitarbitz Elixir Guitar Strings Elixir Strings
EMG Guitar Pickups EMG have been making pickups for electric, acoustic and bass guitar pickups for over 30 years. The EMG pickups are precision wound and vacuum sealed then tested numerous times before being packaged to ensure the pickups audio quality and reliability. View Guitarbitz range of EMG Guitar Pickups EMG Pickups
Encore Guitars Encore guitars are quality guitars aimed at the beginner looking to learn and master the guitar. Encore guitars are quality musical instruments and are made to a high standard at a great price.
Your first guitar is the most important. A great first guitar will make you want to play for the rest of your life!
View Guitarbitz range of Encore Guitars Encore Guitars
Ernie Ball 1962 saw the birth of the Ernie Ball Slinky guitar string range. With their day-glo packaging, Ernie Ball strings are unmistakable. Artists like Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeplin and many more use the world famous EB strings. View Guitarbitz Ernie Ball Guitar Strings Ernie Ball Strings
ESP Guitars ESP have been around for around 35 years making electric guitars and bass guitars with a rock look. They have 2 ranges; ESP Guitars, made in Japan and ESP LTD guitars made in Korea, Indonesia and China. View Guitarbitz range of ESP Guitars ESP Guitars
Falcon Guitars Aimed at the beginner, the Falcon range of electric and acoustic guitars are fantastic quality for money. View Guitarbitz range of Falcon Guitars Falcon Guitars
Fender Guitars Fender, the guitar that helped the music revolution of rock and roll. Famous for their Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass guitars, they can be seen worldwide used by millions of guitarists. View Guitarbitz range of Fender Guitars

View Guitarbitz range of Fender Amplifiers
Fender Guitars and Amplifiers
Gibson Gibson are the premium guitar manufacturers, famous worldwide for the Les Paul, SG, Flying V, Explorer guitars. They also sell replacement parts for their instruments. Used by millions of guitarists worldwide. View Guitarbitz range of Gibson Guitar Parts Gibson Guitars
Gotoh Parts Gotoh manufacture quality guitar spare parts including machine heads, bridges and saddles. View Guitarbitz range of Gotoh Guitar Parts Gotoh Spares
Graph Tech For over twenty years Graph Tech has pioneered the development of innovative guitar parts designed to improve the guitar-playing experience by solving common problems and improving sound quality. View Guitarbitz range of Graphtech Guitar Parts Graphtech Spare Parts
Grover Grover have been keeping stringed instruments in tune for over a century with their tuners and other accessories. View Guitarbitz range of Grover Guitar Parts Grover Tuners
Hartke Amps Hartke products are genuinely and generally considered to be among the finest quality amplifiers available anywhere. View Guitarbitz range of Hartke Amplifiers Hartke Amplifiers
Hercules Stands Hercules provides stands, hangers and support solutions that address the specific needs and problems faced by today's active musician of where to put their precious instrument. View Guitarbitz range of Hercules Stands Hercules Stands
Hiscox Hard Cases Hiscox provide the finest quality lightweight instrument protection cases that have been designed to give instruments the finest protection possible from a LIGHTWEIGHT case at a reasonable price. View Guitarbitz range of Hiscox hard cases Hiscox Hard Cases
Hiwatt Amps Hiwatt amps have been around since the late 60's, now used by such bands as Coldplay, The Killers, The Enemy and Arctic Monkeys. Hiwatt amps are the classic British Rock 'n' Roll Amplifier still built to the highest standard using only the best components available. View Guitarbitz range of Hiwatt Amplifiers Hiwatt Amplifiers
Jim Dunlop Jim Dunlop is a manufacturer of musical accessories based in Benicia, California. Originally founded in 1965 by Jim Dunlop, Sr., the company has grown from a small home operation to being a large manufacturer of music gear in the music industry for over 40 years. View Guitarbitz range of Dunlop Guitar Accessories Dunlop Guitar Accessories
Kinsman Kinsman have been making Guitar cases and bags for instruments for many years. Offering a variety of instrument cases, stands, hangers and accessories. View Guitarbitz range of Kinsman Guitar Gig Bags Kinsman Guitar Gig Bags
Korg Korg delivers the ultimate sonic arsenal with a full line of keyboards, synthesisers, tuners, sound modules, effect pedals and music workstations for every application. View Guitarbitz range of Korg Guitar Accessories Korg Guitar Accessories
Kyser Kyser Musical Products of Canton Texas manufacture the Kyser-Quick-Change Capo, Kyser Lemon Oil and other fine accessories and products for professional and recreational musicians. View Guitarbitz range of Kyser guitar Accessories Kyser Guitar Accessories
LAG Guitars After more than 25 years of producing Hand-Crafted guitars on a small scale, the famous French Luthier, Michel Chavarria, is now shaking the global guitar world with LAG guitars that not only sound fantastic, but also display elegantly pure, contemporary design. View Guitarbitz range of LAG Guitars LAG Guitars
Levy's Guitar Straps Levys is a leading manufacturer of consumer leather and nylon goods with manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
Levys sells guitar straps, instrument bags, gun slings, gun cases, cartridge belts, knife sheathes and belts.
View Guitarbitz range of Levy's Guitar Straps Levy's Guitar Straps
Line6 Line 6 is a music products company dedicated to integrating technology with music products to develop innovative solutions for musicians and specializes in guitars, guitar amplifiers, effects pedals, wireless microphones, and recording software. View Guitarbitz range of Line 6 Amplifiers Line 6 Amplifiers and Recording Equipment
Lorenzo guitars Lorenzo Guitars have been making budget acoustic instruments for over 30 years, and we are pleased to offer their award winning guitars on our site. View Guitarbitz range of Lorenzo Guitars Lorenzo Guitars
Martin Guitar Strings Martin strings are the acoustic string of choice for musicians around the world. Wound to exacting specifications, you can depend on these strings for tone, brightness and clarity on a daily basis. View Guitarbitz range of Martin Acoustic Guitar Strings Martin Strings
MXR Effect Pedals MXR Innovations (MXR) are manufacturers of guitar effects pedals and units, founded in 1973. MXR is now owned by Dunlop. View Guitarbitz range of MXR Effect Pedals MXR Effect Pedals
Original Gig Bag Original Gig Bags from Tanglewood. Quality bags made to fit most guitars snugly and are comfortable to wear and use. View Guitarbitz range of Original Gig Bag Guitar Bags Original Gig Bags
Peavey Peavey Electronics manufactures every link in the audio chain from guitars, bass and drums to mixers, amplifiers and speakers. View Guitarbitz range of Peavey Guitars

View Guitarbitz range of Peavey Amplifiers
Peavey Guitars and Amplifiers
Planet Waves Created in 1994 to make colourful and interesting guitar straps, Planet Waves has grown to now make cables, connectors, guitar tools and guitar care products of a very high quality. View Guitarbitz range of Planet Waves Accessories Planet Waves Guitar Accessories
PRS Guitars PRS have been making guitars for many years and are always striving to build the best guitars and guitar products possible that have distinction with uncompromising tone, playability and beauty. View Guitarbitz range of PRS Guitars PRS Guitars
Ritter Gig Bags RITTER™ had the vision to make bags that were not only superbly functional but also very stylish, rugged and made to the highest standards, marking its position as the world leader in its field. View Guitarbitz range of Ritter Guitar Gig Bags Ritter Guitar Gig Bags
Samson Samson has been in business for over 26 years designing and making audio and wireless audio systems including mics, headphones, etc. View Guitarbitz range of Samson Audio Equipment Samson Audio Equipment
Schaller Guitar Accessories Schaller are the original innovators, and have moulded and shaped the development of guitar hardware. Making many guitar parts with precision, durability, great tone, tuning stability, ergonomic and elegant design. View Guitarbitz range of Schaller Guitar Accessories Schaller Guitar Accessories
Seymour Duncan Pickups Seymour W. Duncan is a guitarist and guitar repairman, but is perhaps best known as the man behind Seymour Duncan Pickups, the world's leading manufacturer of guitar and bass pickups. View Guitarbitz range of Seymour Duncan Pickups Seymour Duncan Pickups
Shubb In 1974 a handshake sealed a partnership which went on to make high quality capos and slides without compromise. Shubb Capos are now seen as the must have capo by professional musicians. View Guitarbitz range of Shubb Capos Shubb Capos
SKB Hard Cases SKB Cases is a manufacturer dedicated to travel, storage, and shipping protection needs for music, pro audio, sporting goods and industrial applications including government and military contract fulfillment. View Guitarbitz range of SKB hard cases SKB Hard Cases
Squier Guitars Squier, originally a string manufacturer bought by Fender became the name for their value brand in 1982. It soon became recognised as Fender's cost conscious alternative. View Guitarbitz range of Squier Guitars Squier by Fender Guitars
Sterling Music Man Guitars Sterling is Ernie Ball Music Man's low cost version of the Music Man brand. Made with quailty components, woods and care, these instruments are fantastic value for money. View Guitarbitz range of Sterling Music Man Guitars Sterling by Music Man Guitars
Takamine Guitars Takamine are known all over the world for their acoustic guitars. Played by some of the best players and biggest names in the industry. In 1978 Takamine introduced their electro acoustic / electric guitars, which grew to be a leading brand in the market. View Guitarbitz range of Takamine Guitars Takamine Guitars
Tanglewood Guitars Tanglewood Guitars is a British company of luthiers that manufacture a variety of stringed instruments. Renowned for their acoustic guitars, they also make quality electric guitars. View Guitarbitz range of Tanglewood Guitars Tanglewood Guitars
TKL Hard Cases TKL is a leading supplier of the most comprehensive line of musical instrument cases, bags and covers in the industry, with a reputation for integrity and continued commitment to innovation, quality and value. View Guitarbitz range of TKL hard cases TKL Hard Cases
Tokai Guitars Tokai, a Japanese guitar company founded in 1947, still retains the philosophy of absolute commitment to quality. Making quality Japanese guitars and also a budget range made in China offering a high quality construction and components giving excellent playability and performance at amazing prices. View Guitarbitz range of Tokai Guitars Tokai Guitars
Tusq Guitar Parts Tusq is a man made alternative for top nuts and saddles which has rich tone and sustain without the inconsistencies (hard and soft spots) that can be found in ivory, bone, horn and other similar materials. It is easy to work with and does not chip or flake like natural products. It is used by many quality guitar manufacturers. View Guitarbitz range of Tusq Spare Parts Tusq Spare Parts
Valencia Guitars Valencia make acoustic and classical guitars which combine design, reliability and finish to give the perfect start for any beginner at affordable prices. View Guitarbitz range of Valencia Guitars Valencia Guitars
Vintage Guitars Vintage, working with Trevor Wilkinson, have a large range of electric, semi acoustic, bass and acoustic guitars that look, sound and feel great using Wilkinson tuners, pickups and hardware. View Guitarbitz range of Vintage Guitars Vintage Guitars
Visual Sound effect Pedals Visual Sound boutique effect pedals (known best for their Jekyll and Hyde pedal) are creating new products that will establish Visual Sound as a cutting edge music company. View Guitarbitz range of Visual Sound Effect Pedals Visual Sound Effect Pedals
VOX Amplifiers In 1957 VOX launched its line of guitar amplifiers. Legendary are the AC15 and AC30 amps, which are heralded worldwide as the "British Sound" helped further by the use of an AC15 for the recording of the James Bond theme. View Guitarbitz range of VOX Amplifiers VOX Amplifiers
Washburn Guitars For over 120 years Washburn have been making guitars. Well known for their quality acoustic guitars, they also make electric and bass. A leader in combining design, innovation and technology to deliver rich, bold sounds to cater for all guitarists. View Guitarbitz range of Washburn Guitars Washburn Guitars
Yamaha Guitars Yamaha have a huge range of products including motor bikes and electronics, but they started by making musical instruments in 1887 and are now the worlds largest manufacturer of musical instruments including pianos, drums and of course guitars. View Guitarbitz range of Yamaha Guitars Yamaha Guitars
Zoom Effect Pedals Zoom is a Japanese company owned by Samson. Making effect pedals for electric, acoustic and bass guitars as well as drum machines and recording equipment. View Guitarbitz range of Zoom Effect Pedals Zoom Effect Pedals


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