Blackstar ID:CORE BEAM Bluetooth 4-in-1 Guitar Amplifier!

If you haven't heard of the all new Blackstar ID:CORE BEAM yet then you're missing out as this is without doubt one of the best guitaring gadgets of the year! This Bluetooth 4-in-1 amplifier lets you use your electric guitar just like normal with all the classic features like gain voices, ISF, built in effects and USB connectivity, but on top of this you can also plug in your acoustic guitar, bass and stream music to it via Bluetooth!

With specific channels for the different instruments you can get a brilliant sound for each. If you took an acoustic guitar or bass and plugged it into a regular electric guitar amp it wouldn't sound overly great, but here simply press the voice button down and you have yourself a quality little acoustic amplifier! Same goes with the bass, there's two bass voices and surprisingly these have a lot of bottom end and punch, which is amazing considering there are only two little 10w speakers!

This little box of tricks is stereo, it has two speakers, making the on board effects beautifully stunning! The 'Super Wide Stereo' configuration is also fantastic when listening to your music. A really nice feature to have.

It has to be noted that the quality of streamed music via Bluetooth is very, very good. It's hard to buy a standalone Bluetooth speaker that sounds this good for this cheap! It goes pretty darn loud too and doesn't succumb to distortion or any unwanted noises. A beautiful dynamic range lets your instruments and music sound at its best, a nice punchy bass end and a bright, crisp high end.

Like a lot of Blackstar modeling amps you can also plug it into your computer and use the INSIDER software to explore a vast range of sounds! It's hard to believe that you can get all these features in one compact 20watt unit. A very cool product by one of the best amp brands in world today! This super cool gadget is available for sale online and in our store at Guitarbitz Guitar Shop, come in and see us give it a try!

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