New In: Fender David Lozeau Art Stratocaster!

If you love something a bit whacky then listen up as you'll love this new Fender David Lozeau Art Stratocaster in the stunning Sacred Heart finish! Under the hood it's a simple, made in Mexico, Standard Strat which makes it nice and cheap but it's got one of the best paint jobs we've seen in a while, probably since the Fender 'Swirl' Telecaster! Fans of bright, cartoon, comic book style drawings will love this guitar, it's so vibrant and will certainly catch the eyes of your audience!

This electric guitar sounds just as a Strat should, excellent for blues, rock, jazz or any style you want to throw at it. The neck and neck-middle positions are so punchy yet smooth and creamy, very SRV sounding! While the bridge and bridge-middle have that classic snappy, treble tone that's great for power chords and even a bit of country!

We've made a tiny little video just a sneak peek because this is an instrument that needs to be seen in person, pictures just don't do it justice! It's available to for sale online and also in our store so come along and give it a try before you buy!

An absolutely stunning guitar that won't be around for long!

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