New Sigma Guitars at Guitarbitz Guitar Shop!

Have you heard of the acoustic guitar brand, Sigma? If not then you most definitely should have! They offer some of the best acoustic guitars we've tried in a long time and what's great is they are cheap which gives you amazing value for money. Let me make this clear... they're NOT cheap in terms of quality, they just don't cost a lot to buy! Quality and attention to detail are absolutely supreme which yields an amazing end result for you, the player. They specialise in electro acoustic models too and of course they all use brilliant Fishman systems.

You may recognise them to look very, very similar to another famous brand called Martin, and they do! They are allowed to produce replicas or copies of Martin guitars but as they're made in the far east rather than the Americas the prices are far, far cheaper!

From dreadnoughts, to jumbos to folk shapes and '000' styles, their range is extensive and Guitarbitz now have a good range for sale both online and in our shop near Bath. Of course with an online order you'll receive the guitar the next working day for free if you live in the UK!

Take a look at our range here:


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