Customer Review of the Fender Champion 212 100Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

Review By:
Bernie R

5 Excellent

Fender Champion 100 Electric Guitar Amplifier

I live in France and did not source my Fender Champion from Guitar Bitz. This amp is fantastic value for money, I'm a jazz guitarist with 50 years of playing behind me. I've owned mountains of amps and guitars. This amp sounds like a Fender Twin and has some sweet tones at the turn of a dial. It is manufactured in Indonesia, so what!! The effects are all good and it's got everything you need, including a very good sound stage (two 12" speakers). This will put new life into problem guitars with odd string balance. Don't forget the price, incredible!!. My guitar collection is out of this world and I'm happy to put them through a 100 watt Fender Champion

15th November 2014

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