Must Have Ukuleles for 2015

We've seen a huge boom in Ukulele sales recently as the popular tiny, little mini guitar style instruments have taken off among children, adults, grandparents and yes, you guessed it....EVERYONE! It seems this little instrument has welcomed itself into our day to day lives to bring us a touch of Hawaii and quite simply, who couldn't be whisked away on a big smile adventure to that tropical paradise whilst playing and listening to the beautiful tone of these magnificent musical mini guitars.

We heard in the news this week that sales of Ukuleles in Britain have doubled to around 250,000 over the past five years and we're pretty sure that soon it will be overtaking those recorder lessons in schools as more and more children start up fun Ukulele clubs and the adults move onto those great little local community clubs, just round the corner.

They're pretty easy to learn with just four strings and the soft nylon texture means we don't blisters on our fingers. Hooray!!

So we can't help but think that Ukuleles have bought a sense of fun back into music practice and education, so thats why we thought we'd show you our must haves in the Ukulele scene.

Snap them up and play them load and you fancy it, chuck on the hula skirt and have some fun!

Mahalo Art Ukulele - £24.95 -

Mahalo Art Ukulele - £24.95 -

Mahalo Aloha Ukulele - £19.95 -

Mahalo Concert Ukulele - £59.00 -

Mahalo TC Electro Ukulele - £54.95 -


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