Which is best? The Boss DD-3 or DD-7?

Boss delay effects pedals have become somewhat of an industry standard, ‘go-to’ choice of many guitarists world-wide. The DD-3 has been used by loads of famous artists and is a great little stompbox, but does its big brother, the DD-7, provide more functionality, better sounds and a more useable interface?


With users like Slash you can tell the DD-3 means business. It provides a classic, robust digital delay effect that simply does the job well. With a few different settings and parameters you can dial in a range of sounds quickly that go from short, ‘slap-back’ Country style to long ‘swells’ that you can make last forever. It’s easy to use and there are ample sounds to accommodate a number of styles and songs.

Pros: Ease of use, industry standard, robust, cheap
Cons: Limited modes compared to DD7, only mono operation, no tap tempo facility


The DD7 takes the DD3 and completely ramps it up to give extra features, stereo compatibility and a handy tap tempo or expression input. Is it worth the extra cash though?

You can have up to a huge 3200ms delay which can almost be used as a short looper for certain riffs or licks! As well as this you also get three brand new modes: Reverse, Analog and Modulate. Create some weird sounds with the reverse setting, make your guitar sound vintage with the analogue mode and gain a huge amount of texture and sparkle with the modulate mode. Some people would buy the DD 7 just for the modulate mode, it sounds amazing! So yes, it's worth the extra cash, if you like lots of settings.

Pros: More modes, stereo input / output, tap tempo, longer delay times, robust
Cons: More expensive, a bit more complicated for people who just want straight forward delay, separate pedal required to work tap / exp function

Boss DD-3 Delay Effect PedalBoss DD-7 Delay Effect Pedal


You can’t doubt that these are both great stompboxes and they both have great features. If you’re looking for a simple echo / delay effect with no frills then go for the DD3, it’s cheaper and will give you what you need instantly.

If you want more from your delay pedal then the DD-7 has it all! It’s stereo and has lots of modes to keep you interested and experimenting. Huge delay times, sparkly chorus tones and even an analogue mode! If you want extra goodness and are willing to pay a bit more then go for this one!

Why not visit your local guitar shop and try them both out before you commit to buy! Test them out for yourself and see which one sounds the best for you!

For more information on these products check them out on our website:

DD-3: http://www.guitarbitz.com/guitar-effects-recording-c25/single-effects-pedals-c28/boss-dd-3-digital-delay-effects-pedal-p1501
DD-7: http://www.guitarbitz.com/guitar-effects-recording-c25/single-effects-pedals-c28/boss-dd-7-digital-delay-effects-pedal-p1513


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