Customer Review of the Vintage V130 in Satin Cherry

Review By:
Lloyd S

5 Excellent

Vintage V130 Les Paul Junior Double Cut Style Electric Guitar

Received mine today. Thanks to Guitarbitz for the lightning fast turnaround time and for your brilliant 12 point check...the guitar plays beautifully! It's a basic guitar (no gloss finish, one pickup etc) but I have five other guitars already and just wanted a simple guitar to use for slide....and it looks very cool!!! Might not be suitable for a beginner as the neck is reasonably chunky (it's not huge but there are certainly other guitars out there with slimmer necks.) My only slight disappointment is that the guitar has a cheap looking logo on the headstock, with a white surround...completely different from the one on the guitar, pictured. Nothing to do with Guitarbitz, though, who are the best guitar store in the UK!!!

6th January 2015

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